Yuanxiao technology tour together into the future

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– jiangsu haian city new garden community “our festival, the Lantern Festival” activities after the Lantern Festival is the Spring Festival, the first important festival, also is one of China’s traditional festival, for district residents appreciate the “big beauty haian” elegant demeanour, as it were, to enhance the consciousness of the master of urban construction, through a different kind of Lantern Festival, on February 15,Xinyuan Community, Haian City, Jiangsu Province, specially organized community residents to visit the Haian Urban Planning Museum as part of the “Sound of Spring” series of activities of civilization practice in the new era — the theme activity of “Yuanxiao Science and Technology Tour to the future together” and the activity of “Our Festival – Lantern Festival”.Haian city culture and art center is located in haian city planning exhibition center layer and the negative one layer, a total construction area of 6000 square meters, the pavilion utilizing the characteristics of “water” haian as elements of the whole decoration design, refining the haian city gathered by the “positive energy” as the theme, haian city history and culture and city planning skillfully fuses in together,Fully demonstrate the charm of Hai ‘an city, “all rivers run into sea”.In the exhibition hall, everyone stopped to watch and listened carefully to the detailed explanation of urban spatial pattern and development.The “five-in-one” digital sand table, 4D cinema, 360° holographic imaging, interactive screen and interactive ball screen and other high-tech exhibition items for the first time in China attracted people’s astonishment.It fully demonstrates the evolution of haian’s urban spatial pattern, a new round of urban spatial development strategy, a new round of urban overall planning and the compilation of all levels of planning results, and the development vision of building “Hub Haian Innovation City”.Visitors can not only experience the butterfly development process and future vision of Haian, but also participate in the interaction in a variety of ways.Look, everyone has experienced a new technology to bring surprise and shock.The immersive 360-degree panoramic city cinema and the huge LED curved screen promo film bring us unprecedented visual impact and spiritual shock.Through this visit, we have a deeper and more intuitive understanding of the evolution of hai ‘an urban spatial pattern, development strategy, overall planning and planning at all levels.To appreciate the charm of Haian, to pursue the historical memory of Haian, to feel the wonderful butterfly changes of The land of Haian, to understand the current development, to look into the blueprint of the future, the residents who participated in the activities repeatedly sighed that this Lantern Festival activity is really different and worthwhile.Yang Renhua, Cheng Zixin, Chen Yuelin) Responsible Editor: Cui Honglin