Who wants to use the high price to keep the Chinese men’s football, who is the sinner of the Chinese nation through the ages

2022-05-08 0 By

Have no bottom line for shame to the performance of Chinese football, they have absolutely no win the spirit of the will, they in bad no matter the ball better, they had never paid, even if they throw the face of the Chinese nation have to clean, they also doesn’t matter (see the help human scum after losing to Vietnam’s performance, as if nothing happened, laughing,No shame at all) I strongly urge anyone here if I give this help a scum must salary again, then he is the sinner of the Chinese nation, thoroughly reform the present club system, radical changes to the selected mechanism of talents, rooting out the Chinese soccer all kinds of corruption and shady (including gambling) has become a must reform, the Chinese football must be changed,It’s a matter of urgency.