The women’s football team won the Asian Cup again, which means they are better than men?The truth is not simple

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China beat Japan on penalty kicks and South Korea 3-2 to win the Asian Cup for the first time in 16 years.The achievement has earned them honors and tens of millions of dollars in corporate sponsorship.There is no harm without comparison. In the World Cup qualifiers, the men’s national football team lost to Vietnam on the first day of the Chinese New Year, and lost to Japan a few days earlier.When we talk about women’s football, we feel exulted. When we talk about men’s football, we hate iron and steel. We think that men’s football players’ salaries are too high, which makes them unenterprising and lack of fighting spirit.Is the truth really that simple?In fact, such a large difference is the result of commercialization, contrary to popular belief, not a dime.The reason why they can achieve such good results, and their hard work is inseparable.However, the fundamental reason is that the commercialization of women’s football has not done well in the world. There is little foreign investment in women’s football, which creates opportunities for Chinese women’s football to stand out.Of course, in recent years, countries have generally paid more attention to women’s football team, and the intensity of women’s football matches should not be increased. Therefore, women’s football team has been challenged in the international arena in recent years.The reason why men’s football in Europe is good to a large extent is the success of commercialization.After all, men’s football is highly competitive and entertaining, which greatly increases the possibility of commercial success.The success of commercialization has provided a large amount of funds for the development of football.They complement each other and cause and effect each other, forming a virtuous circle.The development of European football accelerated the commercialization, which also contributed to the rapid development of European football.The problem of Chinese men’s football is that it is not completely commercialized, and the juguo system is not completely commercialized.It is because of such an awkward situation, the Chinese football into a handan walk, learn everything, to the end of the lost self, even the road can not walk.If the whole nation system is followed, each province will set up its own football team and select outstanding players from the grassroots and train them centrally.For example, the North Korean team in previous years was like this, and so was the Chinese men’s national football team in the 1980s.If the model is completely commercial, there will be some clubs willing to do youth training, and then sell the best players, creating a virtuous circle with hematopoietic function.The problem is that if you want to go commercial, you have to give investors hope, either in terms of profits or in other ways.The problem with Chinese men’s football is that it is too turbulent. The policy adjustment is too fast for clubs to adapt, and investors can’t see the future. No one is willing to develop football in a long-term and sustainable way.Such is the state of men’s football and its plight, with too few registered players and no chance to grow, it has withered at its roots.Hence the loss to Thailand a few years ago, Vietnam now, and possibly India in the future.Because the football level in Asia as a whole is improving, the number of registered players in all countries is increasing, only our side is decreasing, the selection range is too small.If the commercialization of women’s football in foreign countries can make great progress, then Chinese women’s football will soon face great difficulties.Foreign football is basically funded by private institutions. If the commercial operation is not successful, it will not have strong competitiveness.Therefore, the difficulties faced by Chinese men’s football team and Chinese women’s football team are different. It cannot be simply considered that the players of the men’s football team lack the fighting spirit. Fundamentally, the playing environment is not good, the number of grassroots football players is too small, and the best football prospects are not selected.