Huang lei and his wife celebrated their eldest daughter’s 16th birthday!Wear more earrings and makeup to be mature, and the star’s face is super beautiful

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February 7th is the 16th birthday of Huang Duoduo, the eldest daughter of Huang Lei Sun Li. The couple also posted beautiful photos of their daughter on social platforms and sent their own wishes, full of love between the lines, very warm.Duo Duo, 16, inherits her parents’ beauty perfectly!From the exposure of the photos, duo duo perfectly inherited the beauty of their parents genes, although only 16 years old, but whether it is the level of appearance or temperament are very outstanding, even in the stars do not fall.And the dress style is also very own ideas, in the self posted, the eye makeup part specially added glittery small sequins to do decoration, with peach lipstick, the whole person looks very sweet and witty, when smiling, there are also small dimples, a little bump face purple, really is too beautiful.More wear with reference to 01 casual and comfortable wind gray hooded sport socks + casual pants + earrings modeling Key words: loose, casual, delicate under normal circumstances loose casual wind and delicate are two completely different styles, but more birthday of this set of modeling, but these two elements are very good integration.First of all, in terms of leisure, gray hooded sport coat was selected as the main single item. In terms of tailoring, it not only maintained a loose profile style, but also integrated a very comfortable shoulder drop element at the shoulder, making the coat look very comfortable and loose, easily creating a full casual daily effect.Second in order to be able to better show their own advantages, to avoid the whole modelling brings bloated burdensome feeling too loose, many in the neckline position, specially will zip down, formed the split v-neck, not only shows his delicate collarbone, proper skin treatment at the same time, also for the whole body into shape of small sexy, let a person shine at the moment.Finally, exquisite jewelry is added, whether it is the golden clavicle chain or the round earrings with full personality, which undoubtedly adds a lot of fashion sense to the overall modeling. Moreover, these gold jewelry can also strengthen the elegance and femininity of the modeling.But I have to say, Duo Duo’s sleeping silkworm is really eye-catching, especially when laughing is very big, at first glance looks a bit similar to the bags under the eyes, just like his mother Sun Li.So here are a few tips to learn from Duo Duo’s birthday look;(1) Select the main single product, you can add some loose tailoring, to ensure the overall comfort;(2) clothing is too loose, appropriate skin treatment can form a good complementary effect, so that the shape of more feminine;③ Small ornaments can play a finishing touch, enrich and improve the style.02: College style fresh style black lapel shirt + high waist skirt + stockings + platform shoes + Beret modeling key words: color, elegant, refreshing college style has been very popular with young girls, this style can not only show the student spirit, but also have a sense of vitality and aging.To create this feeling, we need something a little more formal when choosing an item, such as a shirt or tie.For example, Duo Duo chose black small lapel shirt design for her preppy style. With the high-waist skirt of the same color, the upper and lower colors remain highly consistent, which can not only highlight the unity of the style, but also achieve the purpose of body decoration by using black slimming effect.Other choices for a preppy look are berets, which add elegance to the look, and stockings, which continue the school feel but are less girl-friendly for fuller legs, which can be replaced with stiffer boots.Huang lei and his wife celebrated their eldest daughter’s 16th birthday!Duo duo wear earrings makeup good mature, star face super beautiful statement: original text, pictures from the network, if there is infringement, contact deletion.Prohibit plagiarism, offenders will be prosecuted!Text/peanuts