“Do not easily agree with the child to take an examination of one’s deceased father grind”, examinee mother’s words, is worth taking an examination of one’s deceased father grind family ponder

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Text/yuan mother education volume continues to upgrade, undergraduate gold content is not as good as before.The soaring number of university students has led to a constant devaluation of degrees.With the improvement of national quality, the employment problem is becoming more serious.It is no joke that undergraduates are walking everywhere and college students are like dogs. It truly reflects the problems existing in today’s society.In order to seek better development, graduates can only improve their academic level again.If the college entrance examination is the first turning point on the road to study, the postgraduate examination is the second.In recent years, the number of postgraduate entrance exams is increasing.Different students take postgraduate entrance exams for different purposes.Bachelor degree is not popular, some college students want to gain competitiveness in this way.You don’t have to go to a great college, you have to have a first-class graduate degree.There are also some college students who really like doing scientific research and want to develop in this field.They usually go on to study for a doctoral degree and stand on the top of the pyramid.It is not easy to take one’s postgraduate entrance examination, and only a few of them have landed successfully.Do not agree with the child to take an examination of graduate students want to take an examination of graduate students, this is a good thing.Most parents support their students when they see their ambition and sense of purpose.The value of graduate students is still very high, after the success of the postgraduate entrance examination, parents will feel very proud.But if students are inflexible and stuck in the postgraduate entrance exam cycle, their parents will try to stop them.One of them is Xiao Li, who has taken the postgraduate exam three times but failed to get a ticket.Xiao Li grew up in a single-parent family, living alone with her mother.Her mother, though not highly educated, knows that education is highly valued in today’s society.The child wants to take the postgraduate entrance examination, the parents have no reason not to support, expect her to be able to go ashore again.But xiao Li’s conditions are not very good, all rely on the mother of a person’s income to support expenses.It is not easy for her to provide Xiao Li to graduate from university, and the cost of this period of time is completely in the hard support.Unfortunately, Xiao Li didn’t succeed the first time.But she was not willing to give up, or choose World War II and World War III.After three consecutive failures, my mother’s mind changed.She advised Xiao Li to put aside his obsession with taking the postgraduate entrance exam and go out to find a similar job, which would also relieve the financial pressure.Xiao Li’s job-hunting road is still not very smooth, always clever sensible daughter and mother quarreled.My mother did not expect that the same students would end up in such an end.She cried: don’t promise your child to take the postgraduate entrance exam easily.Many college students believe that the postgraduate entrance examination is a matter for one’s own.Oneself review, prepare for an examination to attend the written examination and the second exam again, and parents seem not to have too much relationship.The best they can do is refuel the students and do logistics.In fact, this idea is wrong, Xiao Li’s mother’s advice, is the true portrayal of many postgraduate families.A year did not go ashore to return can take an examination of the second time, if two times were not admitted, examinee should change thinking mode, do not go to black a road.Like Xiao Li, there are many college students who have graduated without working experience for three years. They think their persistence will bring good results, but it often backfires.Take an examination of one’s deceased father grind did not succeed still can obtain employment directly, only they do not have identity to do not have experience again already.Three years is enough time for a new employee to stand firm and get promoted.There is no comparison between older graduates and fresh graduates, and most companies will give preference to fresh graduates who have more advantages.And can accept xiao Li and other people’s posts, they still look up to.The result is that these graduates are always looking for jobs.I feel like I have hit rock bottom when I fail to get into graduate school and find a good job.This is not a unique case, but too many people have to face the problem of postgraduate entrance examination.College students may not have the ability to recognize reality, so parents must show them the way.A single-parent family like Xiao Li’s is really not suitable for the postgraduate entrance exam. The economy is a big problem, and no one can guarantee success in the postgraduate entrance exam.Postgraduate examination difficulty is not small, too persistent is not a good thing to take an examination of grind heat continues to rise, many university graduates are not taking an examination of grind, is preparing to take an examination of grind on the road.Many universities are indeed expanding their enrollment, but more applicants mean more talented students.After all, demand outstrips supply.Most examinees aspire to enter 985 and 211 universities, but do not consider the opportunity to be admitted by other universities.This kind of idea is too absolute, the key should see what is the purpose that oneself take an examination of grind.If you just want to have graduate status, regular schools are enough.It also increases the chances of landing a land trip, starting school early, graduating early, and landing a secure job.Of course, graduates who are able and willing to work hard should still aim high, but they should also consider their own real situation.The postgraduate entrance examination is no less difficult than the college entrance examination, and the selection mechanism is more rigorous than the college entrance examination.College students should understand that it is not the only way to record postgraduate entrance examination.If it really doesn’t suit you, stop your losses in time, and you can do better in other directions.Do you think students from single-parent families should take the postgraduate entrance exam?Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to Yuan Ma talk about education (photo source network, if there is infringement contact deleted)