Buick’s first all-electric SUV!Micro blue 7 appearance level high endurance long, the price of 200,000 will you choose?

2022-05-08 0 By

I believe everyone has known Buick SUV models, this time I want to introduce a Buick pure electric SUV – micro Blue 7.The new car is designed as a small SUV with two models priced at 197,800 to 217,800 yuan.As the buick family’s first pure electric SUV, what will the Blue 7 bring to us?Let’s take a look at it with the car player.In terms of appearance, Microblue 7 adopts the fully enclosed air intake grille design, which is a symbol of pure trolley car, and is combined with the leading sickle-shaped LED light group running through both sides and the black treatment surrounding the front, making the car look simple, atmospheric and fashionable.Compared to the compact Microblue 6 (not an SUV), the Microblue 7 will look more three-dimensional.The combination of multiple waist lines on the side, coupled with sliding back modeling, large size multi-type wheel hub, side skirt part of the thickened plate, for the micro blue 7 and add a bit of strength and sports atmosphere.Tail shape is relatively mellow and full, through type taillight group and front face echo, surrounded with a large area of black decorative board decoration protection, of course, there are hidden exhaust layout.These elements enhance the vehicle’s identity while creating a modern technological feel.The length, width and height of the new car are 4264/1767/1618mm, and the wheelbase is 2675mm.In the interior, Microblue 7 is equipped with a full LCD instrument panel and a dual-screen design for central control, a three-panel multi-functional steering wheel, soft leather material, two-tone layout, and a large number of silver ribbons running through the central control console, etc. In addition, the car also retains a small number of physical buttons, giving both economy and practicality.For power, the Microblue 7 is equipped with a front-mounted single-motor system and a ternary lithium battery pack with a capacity of 55.6kW /h.The maximum output power of the system is 177PS, the peak torque is 360N··m, and the NEDC range can exceed 500KM.The car also offers a fast charging mode that can charge from 20% to 80% in 40 minutes, and a slow charging mode that can be fully charged in 9.5 hours.Summary: As a small pure electric SUV, Buick Blue 7’s appearance level is good, coupled with simple and practical interior configuration, power system is enough to meet the user’s daily travel.At present, micro blue 7 also added a new pine stone youth color for consumer choice.If the price point, I believe that the micro Blue 7 will get more attention.What do you think of this all-electric SUV?Which car would you pay the same price for?Let me know in the comments section.Editor: Eleven