An old woman with jinchai identification, neiwu Palace made five words to make experts lose their temper, its stepmother identity is not simple

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Ancient women have a lot of close-fitting things, the hairpin is one of them, it can not only be used to pan hair, but also as a token of love, in addition, when living in a tight budget, take money can also temporarily overcome difficulties, it can be said to have played a lot of role.The hairpins also symbolized women’s status in ancient times. Ordinary women used by ordinary people were called plain hairpins, while imperial concubines were not the same. They used golden hairpins, and the queen used was called Feng Hairpins.Beijing woman take gold hair pin identification and reveal the stepmother identity there is an old woman named Liu Zhenlian, she is in idle to always go through when you nothing to listen to a song, watch television to kill time, as the treasure show hit, many people took home treasures to the appraisal, the experts will also for investigation and review of the professional.Liu Zhenlian affected, he thought of the stepmother leaving gold hair pin, the only gold hair pin not only fine workmanship, and even the material is very exquisite, inlaid with the turquoise is very well, last is treasure in the qing dynasty, but let the experts on the spot appearance or gold hair pin on the five words “office she”.It can be seen that the person who owns the chai is definitely not simple, and it is very likely to be the imperial concubine in the palace. The experts are very curious about this and quickly ask: “Who is your stepmother?”Relative to them, Liu Zhenlian old lady appears very calm, blurted out “wenxiu” two words, then the experts suddenly realized, confirmed the heart thought.Wenxiu is the last emperor Puyi’s concubine, is also the first woman in history and the emperor put forward a divorce, her life is bumpy life, but fortunately met Liu Zhenlian’s father Liu Zhendong, spend his old age.Wenxiu wenxiu was born on December 20, 1909. Her family was prominent. She was a Mongolian ethnic group with Erde characteristics in the eight banners of Manchuria.When Wenxiu was 8 years old, she was sent to the private Dunben Primary school by her family and was renamed Fu Yufang. As a smart and clever girl, she was very solid in both Chinese and arithmetic, with excellent grades and often praised by her teachers.At the beginning of 1921, the last emperor Puyi has reached 16, the palace of three toffee Jingyi, Ronghui, end kang and his father feng feng, wang Ministers are discussing his marriage, puyi elected a palace queen.Wenxiu five uncle know the opportunity is rare, they will directly her photos and many to choose the imperial concubine girl’s photos together, sent to the Palace, waiting for the emperor’s selection.Figure of the last emperor Puyi after three toffees and palace ministers after the controversy, in March 1922 finalized by Puyi read the “king”, 17 years old Wanrong was elected as the queen, 14 years old is wenxiu elected emperor concubine.After that, we haven’t met wen embroider pu yi is directly under the given commandment, arrange the office in Beijing after hainan along is embroidered mother Chiang buying a big courtyard, as new, and reward a rosewood furniture, the Chiang family life for embroidery changes greatly, and she was temporarily stop school and stay at home listen to five tertiary teaching manner of as well as the rules of the palace, in addition to this,Wenxiu also needs to keep the Daughter sutra in mind.In November 1922, embroidered before queen empress wanrong day the palace, with pu yi and held a grand wedding, was known as “shu princess”, the article embroidered in yangxin temple first time to see the emperor, puyi, heart there is a little nervous, but in the three worship of nine after knocking, only heard the pu yi’s “down to rest.”Graphic embroidery and Wanrong wedding night, Wenxiu shoufang alone, the heart of mixed emotions, but after the queen Wanrong palace, Puyi still live in yangxin dian as usual, although wenxiu failed to get puyi’s love, but her life is very full.Wake up in the morning wash up, wenxiu will go to puyi’s bedroom hall for peace, then in turn to Wanrong Queen and a few toffins palace for peace, back to his residence in Changchun Palace, she will pass embroidery and teach maidservants to write to live, has been living a simple and simple life.The motto of embroidered shu DE everyone see in the eye, and often full of praise for her, then pu yi come to make sure she hired a excellent teacher LingReWen, teaching English, embroidered wen listened very carefully, every time there has been great progress in a short period of time, thought also gradually open up, after that, she often study alone, reading became one of her great interests.November 5, 1924, into the palace of less than two years of wenxiu, happened to catch up with the “Feng Yuxiang incident” Puyi, queen and palace people must all leave the palace, to alcohol palace temporarily.But after many negotiations, puyi was allowed to take part of the property when he left, as their living expenses, and Wanrong and wenxiu daily supplies and clothes were also allowed to take together, Puyi family was forced to leave the palace, also marked the end of their noble identity.Wen Xiu and Puyi divorce, signed an agreement to change the status quo under the auspices of the host, Wen Xiu wants to rely on their knowledge, help Puyi give advice, but did not think of is, after more than 20 days, Puyi a just catch up with Zhang Zuolin Beijing, until Feng Yuxiang left, they restored freedom.At the beginning of Zhang Zuolin’s rule in Beijing, a former Qing academician named Zheng Xiaoxu advised Pu Yi: “If you want to restore, you must use Japan for foreign aid.”Wenxiu after learning this situation, hurried to persuade: “The Japanese brutal, russo war, namely the slaughter of countless Chinese, absolutely cannot listen to zheng’s nonsense, the Wolf into the house, otherwise the consequences will be extremely tragic.”But at that time puyi did not listen to wenxiu persuasion, under the arrangement of Zheng Xiaoxu, secretly lived in Beijing Japanese legation, Puyi’s family unknown so, also thought he was “mysteriously missing”, the heart is very panic, but in a few days later, he wrote to invite Wanrong and Wenxiu together, with their reunion.In order to understand puyi’s current situation, Wenxiu rushed to the embassy, and the Japanese government had promised to Puyi, responsible for the safety of their family.Figure puyi on February 24, 1925, pu yi et al., from Beijing, to the concession in tianjin street temporary palace island, in the later moved to xiechang jingyuan life, during this period, embroidered often advise he cheng hsiao-hsu do not listen to, hope he can go back as soon as possible, but also cause the boredom of pu yi, always turns to her, after that,Wenxiu life is not easy, often against her only in tears, but wenxiu is a woman with a very good idea, she knows she has been here to stay, then try to prepare to leave.Lunar New Year’s Eve evening, Puyi is playing with Wanrong in the palace, two people are very happy, but then someone urgent report: Shu Concubine is taking scissors stabbed to his lower abdomen, but Puyi after listening to but disregarded: “She always use this method to scare people, you don’t mind her is.”Figure and empress wanrong puyi when wen embroidered heart tired hard, distant table brother-in-law yu YuFen Zhang daughter to come to visit, after learned that her experience said: “today is the era of the republic of China, the law on equality between men and women, and pu yi has long since been out of the palace, is a civilian, not what ‘the emperor, he also have to obey the law, equal to others.You should get a lawyer and file a lawsuit against him for wife abuse and divorce, plus child support.”Yufen this words can be said wenxiu heart, after thinking, she decided to divorce puyi formally, the restoration of freedom.August 25, 1931, Wenxiu sister Wenshan came to Jingyuan, and puyi said sister in a bad mood, go out for a walk to relieve the mood, Puyi listened to after nodding and agreeing, and sent a eunuch to follow.After graphic embroidery arrived at the national hotel, wenxiu lived in room 37, she told the eunuch: “you wait for yourself to go back first.”Eunuchs listen to her so confused, Wenxiu directly took out a prepared letter to puyi, and let him take words: “Wenxiu decided to divorce him.”At that time the eunuch listen to not have a moment delay, hurried back to the truth, Puyi after learning this situation, inevitably some panic, they immediately sent to the national food point to her back, but did not expect is wenxiu two sisters had left, and hired three lawyers, to the court to make a complaint.Graphic embroidery in the face of this situation, puyi is really difficult to accept, lose the “emperor” face, with the support of the masses of wenxiu but more, Puyi feel helpless, can only hire a lawyer and wenxiu to communicate.October 22, 1931, in the tianjin law firm, Wenxiu and three lawyers on time to attend, she and Puyi agreed to divorce, and signed a divorce agreement: a divorce, Puyi pay Wenxiu living expenses 55,000 yuan.2. Wenxiu is allowed to take away clothes and daily necessities.Three, Wenxiu back to Peiping mother home life, not to do damage to the reputation of Puyi.After two months of processing, the last emperor Puyi and Shu Concubine Wenxiu completely cut off relations, and Puyi also need to pay her fifty-five thousand silver dollars as living expenses.figure Pu yi wen embroidered with zhen-dong liu to the rest of my life, leaving the precious gold hair pin free body text embroidered originally wanted to return to Peiping, reunite with his family, do some like things, but since the mother Chiang had left, homes are relatives before sell without permission, can only temporarily wshan in Peiping rent life together with my sister.After the summer vacation of 1932, Wenxiu found a good job under her former name Fu Yufang as a teacher in the private Sicun Primary and secondary School in Fuyou Street, Peiping, mainly teaching Chinese and painting. At that time, Wenxiu was very happy. She was not only good at writing in chalk, but also gave clear lectures, which were loved by students.But did not think of is, so simple happy life and did not maintain how long, her identity was exposed, the original name of this new female teacher is called the er De Te Wen Xiu, was born in manchurian noble family, had been the last emperor Puyi’s imperial concubine.Figure wenxiu wenxiu these labels, caused a sensation in the school, many newspaper reporters have come to interview, and even a lot of people with curiosity, waiting at the school gate, only to witness the elegant appearance of the former imperial concubine.Below such circumstance, the life of wen Xiu is disrupted thoroughly, helpless under can resign oneself to like the profession only, return the house that rents, take out last brushstroke money, buy a bungalow in liu Hai hutong, went up with younger sister Wen Shan the life of seclusion.After this, Wenxiu would still use the time to enrich herself, and followed the painter Fu Ru to learn the art of Traditional Chinese painting, during which she not only realized the happiness, but also the painting strength also made rapid progress.Graph wen embroidery but as “77 incident” erupt, the day of wen embroidery becomes not peaceful again, after thinking forward and backward, she can sell the house before only, seek another dwelling to live grudgingly, will maintain livelihood through physical labor, in the following these years, her life it may be said is miserable, but also won’t give up easily.In 1945, the victory of war of resistance against Japanese aggression, the embroidery is also under the friend’s introduction into the daily work of north China, as a newspaper proofreader, during this time, she has been conscientious, excellent performance, and the President Zhang Minghui esteem, Zhang Minghui after learned that her suffering, sympathy, and introduces the zhen-dong liu for her, hand in hand to spend the rest of my life.Liu Zhendong was born in a poor family in Henan Province. After studying for several years, he decided to go to war. He was brave and resourceful, forthright, and was a perfect match for Wenxiu.Graphic embroidery to remarry this thing, wen Embroidery has been very careful, these years she ate many bitter, no matter what thing is a person to carry, if someone is willing to share for her, she will be relaxed, but she also understands, marriage event cannot hasty decision, and she also does not want to do.After passing half an year get along with understanding, 2 people are having certain good impression to each other, decided amour relation formally, Liu Zhendong always meeting does everything in perfect order, consider for wen embroider everywhere.In the summer of 1947, Wenxiu and Liu Zhendong got married under the witness of relatives and friends, and became Liu Zhenlian’s stepmother, after this, they still love each other as before, such ordinary and happy days let Wenxiu cherish all the more, she also very enjoy the happiness of the family.In 1951, Liu Zhendong under the arrangement to Beijing Xicheng district cleaning team when workers, and Wenxiu also moved to the nearby hutong with him to continue to live, although said his salary is not much, but the life of the family is guaranteed, this small room is always full of laughter.On September 18, 1953, Wenxiu died because of sudden myocardial infarction, at the age of 44 years old, before leaving, she and her husband Liu Zhendong say their identity, was the last emperor Puyi’s imperial concubine, and gave the precious jinchai to Liu Zhendong.Wenxiu because of his physical reasons, knee and no children, this only jinchai in Liu Zhendong died after the old lady liu Zhenlian hands.Liu Zhenlian keeps it all the time intact, after seeing treasure appraisal program, she thought of this jinchai, after holding the idea of trying to go, just discover the identity of his stepmother is not simple, she knows this jinchai is extremely precious, decide to take home to continue to keep properly, and inherit it.