A few thoughts on the recent international situation

2022-05-08 0 By

Recently, the international situation is very confusing. All kinds of news are true and false.The Ukraine issue is now at the forefront.The result will become clear after the Winter Olympics.Of course, the problem is not Ukraine at all. The so-called Ukraine problem is only a symptom.He heralds the beginning of the game between east and West.From my point of view.My advice to Russia is not to rush, but to slow down.Better to wait for the Yanks to break, pick the right time to strike.From the present situation, I have to admire the western public opinion propaganda.The so-called elite in the West rose to prominence through elections.How do they manipulate public opinion?Very clever.In contrast, our country has been relatively slow to respond to the use of the tools of public opinion.You see in the world it is always the Americans who create hot spots and mislead the general public all over the world.And our counterpart is just to be there to explain, to react passively.This is not going to work in the long run.We must construct our own worldview and values.This is the basis for a comprehensive and systematic counterattack against the West.The most important thing here is that we not only speak, but also act.Only after a long struggle.Can change this passive situation.The characteristic of the Chinese is that they see problems.But they don’t.Fear of offending people and follow a golden mean.When dealing with westerners in this way, you will often suffer dumb losses.As a Chinese, we should realize that we are already a big country.Your words and actions.It’s going to have a big impact on the world.What did you say?What did you do?Everyone else is watching.Don’t run away from anything and think you can get away with it.It’s actually smart.Some things can’t be avoided.If you miss the first day, you can’t miss the 15th.Learn to use a philosophy of struggle.Dealing with western powers.Try to make more friends.We need to have more responsibility and action.