70-year-old man lost his wallet, yushan police help find

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“Comrade, how much should collect some!””Big ye, really don’t want money!””That’s what we do!On February 6, 2022, on the sixth day of the Lunar New Year, a 70-year-old man pulled out several 100-yuan notes from his wallet at Bingxi Police Station of Yushan County Public Security Bureau in Shangrao, and asked the police to accept them but refused.On the morning of February 6, 2022, a supermarket attendant in Yushan county reported to the police that an elderly woman had lost her wallet and was so worried that she wiped away tears.People’s interests are no trivial matter, 110 police immediately arrived at the scene, after a brief understanding of the situation, the matter was handed over to the Bingxi police station for disposal, bingxi police station immediately launched an investigation.According to the old man, he was from Liudu township. On the first lunar month, the younger generation paid him a New Year call and gave him nearly 4,000 yuan in cash.He put all in his wallet, the same day to the county supermarket shopping found that the wallet was missing.”Look how stunned he is!”‘I felt so sorry for him!Seeing the old man in a panic, the waiter felt sorry for him and took out a phone to help him dial 110 to the police for help.The police immediately retrieved the surveillance video inside the supermarket. Through careful examination, they soon found effective clues. During the relevant time, another old man in the supermarket picked up an item on the shelf and then put it into his pocket.The police froze the video and determined that it was a wallet he had picked up and put in his pocket.The elderly man wearing a mask left the store as soon as he found the wallet.The police expands the scope of tracing, he was discovered in the mouth of a street after, and through precise analysis and judgment, determined his identity, the ice creek street people.”You must return it to others when you find it!””Otherwise is illegal, want to investigate responsibility!”The police found the phone of the old man who picked up the wallet and called him in the past to educate him. The old man who picked up the wallet said he would immediately send the money to the police station.”It’s my wallet!It’s all there!”In the afternoon, the old man will pick up the money to the police hand, police notice the old man came to claim the wallet.Picking up the recovered wallet, the old man quickly opened it to check and found 3850 yuan in cash.”This money will buy you some cigarettes!”Excited and delighted, the old man took out a few hundred dollar bills from his wallet, must reward the police, the police refused with a smile.The old man “acute eye”, a hard to the police hand plug, let the police how much to accept a little, said not to accept his heart.The police patient to the old man to do the work, told him, to help the people to solve their problems, is the responsibility of the public security organs, this is not need any reward.The old man finally gave up, but repeatedly feeling, before how to deal with the public security, did not expect the police comrades so good!Source: Yushan Public Security