Women’s singles skating short program is about to start, Valieva appearance, Zhu Yi 12th appearance

2022-05-07 0 By

The women’s figure skating short program at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games is about to begin Thursday night.China’s Zhu Yi was the 12th player among the 30 women competing in the competition.Russian Olympic team player Valieva will appear in the 26th.Two other Russians will play In the 28th and 29th spots, Trusova and Serbakova.Valieva, who has been embroiled in a doping scandal in the past few days, looked in good spirits as she played on the ice at the head of the competition.But according to ioc rules, if Valieva finishes in the top 24 in the short program tonight, the 25th-place skater will be allowed to enter the free program.Meanwhile, if Valieva finishes in the top three, there will be no flowers or medal ceremony in the women’s singles.The IOC won’t hold the award ceremony until all the doping cases are over.(the original title: women’s event short program starts, wali “appearance, Zhu Yi 12th appearance) source: Beijing daily client | journalists Li li LiuShuang Liu ping process editor: u010