What are the three pedals for an introduction to car driving

2022-05-07 0 By

In general, only manual models will have three pedals, which are respectively “clutch”, “brake” and “throttle” from left to right.Among them, the clutch and brake spacing is relatively wide, and the brake and throttle are relatively close, which is mainly to let the left foot to control the clutch, and the right foot to control the throttle and brake.Clutch in general, clutch will only be used in the start and shift, so the left foot is generally not on the clutch for a long time, but on the side of the clutch.In addition, clutch is to cut off the car power device, step on the clutch, the engine transmission gear and connected wheel drive gear will be separated, at this time the engine power will not be able to transfer to the wheels, the car will not be able to drive.Brake the function of the brake is not much to say, nothing more than to brake, step on the brake or brake clamp will clamp the wheel friction deceleration.Therefore, it is not appropriate to drag the brake when braking, or step on the brake for a long time to slow down, otherwise it will lead to overheating of the brake disc, reduce brake performance, and even lead to brake failure seriously.The throttle is not much to say, the throttle is the valve to control the speed of the car, want to run fast, the throttle must step on low enough.But it is worth noting that the accelerator and clutch can not be stepped together, should be released after the clutch and then step on the accelerator.