The light of Domestic games!”Original God” to participate in the Winter Olympics music library: a number of tracks appear in the competition

2022-05-07 0 By

Recently, the Competitions of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games are in fierce progress, but also the birth of Bing Dwen Dwen, Gu Ailing and other top flow of the whole network, attracted the attention of the world’s netizens.It is worth noting that The Original God, as a popular Chinese game, also appeared in the Winter Olympics in another way.According to the official introduction of Miha Tour, miha Tour “Original God” music team participated in the establishment of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games music library, and has carried out all-round and multi-dimensional tests on music classification, track selection, entry, bilingual label setting and other work of the music library through testing activities and series of test competitions.Beijing 2022 Olympic And Paralympic Winter Games sports display music library has been successfully completed and delivered by Beiao Group, and the music has been applied simultaneously in related sports display links.Basement music selections include “Liyue Liyue”, Contemplation in Snow White “and” Rapid as Wildfires “and many other excellent music tracks in different styles and types, providing excellent content support for the music director team in the arena.At the same time, it is also suitable for different scenes and individual sports events, and strive to bring unforgettable auditory feelings for the audience and athletes.It is reported that the sports show music not only carries the function of mobilizing the atmosphere of the stadium, but also is an important window for athletes and audience to show the culture of the host country.In addition, it is also a way to export our game culture, which is worth being proud of.