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The Node-calendar turns to the first awards ceremony.On February 6, the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Medal “Tongxin” was first unveiled at the Awarding Square in Zhangjiakou. For us, it was another must-see moment.At 7:30 p.m., the zhangjiakou Award Plaza was brightly lit with colorful lights illuminating the night sky.The first gold medal event of the Winter Olympics, women’s cross-country skiing double chase (7.5km traditional technique + 7.5km free technique), was won by the winners.As soon as the first awards ceremony ended, the big screens on either side of the main stage switched to images of Beijing awards Square.”Is it a connection?”I asked the staff around me.She said it was a seamless livestreaming technology.Let me can not help feeling, Beijing Winter Olympics is really a sense of science and technology pull full ah!”Technology” is one of the highlights of this Year’s Winter Olympics. There have been a lot of media reports about the application of new technology in stadium construction, event broadcasting and athletes’ training.”5G cloud broadcasting”, “3D, second-level, multi-factor”, “3DAT”, “oblique elevator” and “windbreak network” are also known to us.The beautiful opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games was also more exciting because of the full sense of science and technology: in the air, 5G signals covered all the venues, real-time transmission of 8K game pictures;In the center of the bird’s nest, the “Ice five rings” break through the ice and rise, and the giant “snowflake” shaped main torch platform holds the glimmer.The ground, the super ground display system that can light up realizes the screen and the actor’s seamless interaction…The science and technology Winter Olympics made for an unforgettable evening, once again highlighting the unique charm of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games.It can be said that many “black science and technology” have appeared in this Winter Olympics, really achieved “science and technology for the Winter Olympics empower”.The Beijing Winter Olympics have just begun, and I believe there are many more wonderful stories to discover.(Reporter Wu Jianwei)