Zhang Linyan wants to stay abroad, suffers contract limitation however, talented girl how ability sets foot on European competition field?

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A small body can have great power, was Zhang Linyan’s apt comment when she was named the star of the future of the 2022 Asian Cup.Zhang Linyan is the smallest player in The Chinese women’s football team, but she directed the amazing comeback of the Chinese women’s football team, and she won the championship in the final. Such a wonderful film is not dare to shoot such a stunt, it is hard to believe that there is not a live broadcast.The Chinese women’s team and south Korean women’s football match is over many days, but the game is still wonderful, let a person remember the Chinese women’s team 2-0 down, forward the king cream can’t bring to south Korean women’s pressure of, so the south Korean women’s football can unbridled ground attack, the Chinese women’s team defence pressure surge.At halftime, coach Shuiqingxia criticized Wang Shuang and Tang Jiali, think they fight not fierce enough, not hard enough, not positive, and said angry words: not down.In the 60th minute of the match, Shui qingxia replaced wang Shuang, who showed no improvement, with zhang Linyan, a short player no. 19.At the same time, Shui Qingxia will be the core of the Chinese women’s soccer team Wang Shanshan moved from the back to the front.Note here, Wang Shuang’s foot injury is very serious, the latest diagnosis is suspected of bone fracture.Zhang Linyan played very well, her speed and ball control skills to the South Korean women’s football team brought trouble, her running position is to make the South Korean women’s football team’s defense tired, had to withdraw the offensive personnel to participate in the defense.Led by Zhang Linyan, the first half of some stuffy Tang Also lit the passion, the characteristics of the strong impact has gradually played out.China’s first goal came when Zhang Linyan grabbed the ball from the wing and fired a shot that drew a handball foul from a defender.Miss Tang scored a penalty kick.The second goal was reciprocated by Tang, who, flanked by two players on the flanks, scrambled for position with her strong body and completed a cross just as the ball went out of the baseline. Zhang Rose high to smash the ball into the net.The third goal also involved Zhang Linyan, who took the ball and passed it to Tang, who passed it to Wang Shanshan, who delivered an imaginative stopper that Xiao Yuyi slammed home to seal the comeback.Although Zhang Linyan came off the bench and failed to win the player of the match, the match proved her outstanding ability.After the final, Zhang Linyan also became the most talked about player by fans, but I found that many fans did not know her, and used her to criticize Jia Xiuquan.The author will talk about Zhang Linyan simply, it is simple a few words.Zhang Linyan is a sichuan sister, was born in sichuan, but guangzhou Evergrande distraction free trained her, her Chinese super women’s career is BeiKong women’s start, in Beijing in 2019 to join the Beijing BeiKong women’s football, became the ma xiaoxu good partner, in the meantime, she still learned a lot from ma xiaoxu, level is growing fast.At the national team level, she became the disciple of Gao Hong, the head coach of the National Girls’ football Team in 2013. Among the players, Gao Hong is most optimistic about Shen Mengyu, Yang Qian and Zhang Linyan.Then in 2017, Zhang Linyan entered the National Youth Women’s football team.In 2020, Jia xiuquan recruited him to the National team and participated in the group stage of the Olympic Qualifying tournament in Australia.In 2021, the Beijing Beikong Group will no longer invest in the Beijing women’s soccer team, and the players will receive only a third of their original earnings.With prominent players leaving Beijing, Zhang linyan returned to China’s Top league, Evergrande.Evergrande women’s football team is only a Chinese First league team, so Zhang Linyan had the idea of studying abroad.In particular, shen Mengyu, her good friend when she was in junior school and national Youth, played in Celtic, which made her eager to study abroad.Therefore, Zhang Linyan often contact Shen Mengyu, understand the Situation of the European league, has made all preparations to stay abroad.However, Zhang Linyan also encountered some troubles, that is, she has a contract with evergrande women’s football team, under the restriction of the contract, she is not allowed to leave evergrande women’s football team.So if a European club wants to move her, it will have to pay a big fee.In a word, the most famous match between Gao Hong’s three favorites was in the 2017 Weifang Cup, when China National Junior Girls beat the US National Junior Girls 5-4.In that game, Shen, playing as a defensive midfielder, set up three assists for Yang qian, who scored a hat trick and three goals, while Zhang Linyan added the winning goal.Then Zhang Linyan and Shen Mengyu were promoted to the National Youth Women’s football team, because there was no shortage of strikers at that time, so Yang Qian still stayed in the National youth Team.At present, Shen Mengyu has become the backbone of the Celtic women’s football team in the SUPER League and the core of the team.Zhang Linyan is to enter the Chinese women’s football team, the talented Yang Qian?Many fans may not know which team Yang Qian is in, right?Yang Qian agri-businesses Banks in Shanghai women’s before, because the Shanghai women’s agribusiness bank also is attacking, excess striker, so ShuiQingXia guide taught in Shanghai banking agribusiness, lease the empress Yang yan to the shaanxi women’s football, Shanxi Province women’s football coach will Yang Qian changed to guard from the forward position, therefore Yang Qian has been in a position to exchange adjustment period, thus reputation gradually lower.Yang Qian has now to follow in Shanxi Province women’s promotion to the Chinese super women’s football league, hoping to play out in the Chinese super league Yang Qian their fame and level, become an excellent international, actually such changes play a different position, may delay some time, but once is will become very famous key players, such as vian is so so, can play forward can play back.As for Zhang Linyan, in fact, it is not difficult to solve the problem with contract restrictions. The Chinese Football Association can compensate the expenses of Evergrande Women’s Football Team and make Zhang Linyan a free agent without contract restrictions.Zhang Linyan has already made a name for herself in the Asian Cup women’s football team. It should be easy for her to transfer to Europe, and she is sure to be admitted to a strong team in the five major leagues, which is very worthwhile for Chinese women’s football team.