What effect do messy mothers and messy homes have on children

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Imagine being surrounded only by the things that move your heart. That’s the life you want.Later, I found that my life had been rebooted and a whole new life had begun.Under my guidance, my daughter gradually developed good habits. She cleaned up the messy desk before. Although the pressure of reading oppressed her all the time, she was a highly motivated girl, but she gradually learned to relax when she sorted out the clutter and books.I often said to her, “If you understand all the finished papers, you can throw them away, you prepare a wrong question book, the knowledge of the system, than keep those useless papers a hundred times better.”Reading children hard, paper overwhelming hair down, auxiliary materials piled up, shoulder backpack more and more heavy.I used to carry my daughter’s schoolbag when I took her to school. It was so heavy that I felt it would weigh down my daughter’s shoulders in the long run.Therefore, I taught her to sort out which items must be put in the bag, which items can be stranded in the school, and which items can be boldly given up after use. Gradually, her backpack was not heavy, and her smile began to brighten up.Learn to clean up, learn to relax, learn to let go.I like bright Windows and clean, I don’t like a pile full of airtight space, it makes me particularly depressed.Sloppy moms. I’ve seen too many of them.My neighbor has a mother who takes out the trash in her pajamas in winter, sleepily eyed, and doesn’t care about her image.Her garbage often overnight, garbage bag outside the room, several times the garbage bag broke, the inside of the stranded logistics out of disgusting water stains, you walk by there, smell a stench.Her house is in a mess. She often buys express packages, which are often piled at the front door.I took the elevator upstairs several times in the underground parking garage, only to find that the elevator door was blocked. It turned out to be her garbage blocking the elevator door.I know she has a daughter in elementary school, and the kid looks cute, but it’s just a facade.Her mother is sloppy and does not pay attention to details. Her personality is also a little hot. Wuhan people have a bad temper, but a sloppy Wuhan person has a terrible temper.Once in the middle of the night, she heard her child crying, followed by her husband’s snarling voice, which was probably unbearable. They quarreled for a long time, and finally the security guard ran to tell them to stop quarreling and sleep next to each other.The next day, the child’s eyes were swollen, presumably from crying. The child said at the door that he didn’t want to go to school. His dirty mother asked why, and the child said, “You quarreled yesterday, and I haven’t finished my homework, so the teacher will make me stand…I happened to see this scene, and I was really not feeling good. When my sloppy mother saw me, her embarrassed expression appeared on her face.How to organize is a science.Organizing according to different places and rooms is actually a fatal mistake in organizing.Once upon a time, I do not like to tidy, since I read a book, Japanese writer Marie Kondo “Heartache of life Tidy Magic”, I fell in love with tidy.So, how to organize?I think it should be organized by category of things, not “organize this room today,” but “organize clothes today,” “organize books tomorrow,” organize by category of things.It is too important to organize objects according to their categories.There was a student in my class who was an excellent student, who got good grades, and came out on top in every big exam, but he had an Achilles heel. He couldn’t tidy up.I saw his mother, shaggy, with her hair loose, wearing slippers to school, and I was impressed.This outstanding student not long ago hand hurt, ten fingers connected heart, I felt distressed for a long time, I asked him how to return a responsibility, he said when closing the door to clamp his finger is not careful, I asked it must hurt, he nodded.Look at his desk. It is full of books, the covers of which are all rolled up. Look at his drawers.Several classmates laughed at him and told my teacher that he was always like this, and he was embarrassed to smile.I dare not blurt out what I think.Many children in my class will tidy up, the same palmsize of a place, you go through him there feast for the eyes, and then look at the students with excellent grades in addition to study and life self-care ability is low.I talked to him and told him that he must learn to tidy up. He smiled and said, “My family is the same, used to…”But he took my advice and learned to keep it.As a high school student, the study pressure is too great, if the daily life is messy cake, how sad.Organize your drawers. No matter how you organize them, remember to organize them by category.Every time I explain the paper, some students quickly find the paper, some students looking for a long time to find the soliloquize.Do not find, the specification did not arrange according to examination paper category, the examination paper of the discipline such as language, mathematics, physics, chemistry is too much, won’t arrange how terrible.There are often students say that the teacher found the paper, but I have finished explaining, there are students said “teacher, my” red hook “can not find”…Sloppy mothers have too much influence on their children. A child’s grades are important, but a child’s sound mind and mature personality are even more important.Change their slovenly image, I hope more people can rely on finishing magic, in the most favorite items around, spend every enchanted day.Thank you for reading.I’d like to share with you the ups and downs of family life. 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