Sun Yingsha ushered in the 59-year-old coach, Chen Qi left the team, Liu Guoliang immediately made arrangements

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Liu guoliang again announced the blockbuster decision, and Sun Yingsha’s executive coach, Chen Qi, chose to leave the team to play for the 59-year-old Veteran coach.At present, the question of sun Yingsha’s coach has aroused great controversy, because sun Yingsha has made great contributions in past competitions with her skills on the court and helping the Chinese table tennis team.However, until now, who is sun Yingsha’s coach in charge? Why hasn’t Liu Guoliang bothered the majority of fans with her coach in charge?At present, Sun Yingsha’s head coach officially followed the Coaching team of China Ping, liu Guoliang, Sun Yingsha and others arrived in Hainan for a closed intensive training.Who is sun Yingsha’s head coach? According to liu Guoliang’s next employment arrangement, the majority of fans are very surprised. When it comes to Sun Yingsha, her head coach includes some time ago, first of all, Chen Ji, which has attracted great attention.Chen Qi has previously been known as One of sun Yingsha’s best new executive coaches, but what is the most embarrassing?Sun Yingsha sees coach Chen Ji is very suitable to guide her, to participate in the international competition to guide her to the future competition.But Liu guoliang guided her to future competitions, and Chen Ji has not been determined to coach Sun Yingsha.With time delay, Chen Ji coach also because of personal reasons, he finally chose to go to Jiangsu as the head coach, Chen Qi is unable to become Sun Yingsha’s head coach.According to the current situation, Chen qi is chose to leave, and includes, before the second boss is Sun Yingsha kill her first coach Huang Haicheng Huang Haicheng in recently, also because the ping team, didn’t get liu guoliang said reuse and has not been fixed for Sun Yingsha head coach liu guoliang arrangement task, see time delays,He also directly chose to give up Huang Haicheng quit.And Sun Yingsha her head coach the third person, has also been a lot of fans call, hebei teams to head coach Yang Guangdi as Sun Yingsha coach is most appropriate, what is embarrassing Yang Guangdi, however, he was to be President of hebei teams in accordance with the head coach, Sun Yingsha since now is the champion of the Olympic Games, is also included the world table tennis championship,Sun Yingsha has such a strong honor and strength, you asked Yang Guangdi, as the provincial team of Hebei Province, to be the head coach of Sun Yingsha, but he is not suitable at present. According to the current trend of Sun Yingsha, liu Guoliang is also the most suitable candidate.At present, in the closed training in Hainan, the first person arranged is our 59-year-old head coach. He is the head coach Li Yang. Until now, he has been the head coach of Sun Yingsha, even though the head coach Li Yang has been affected by injuries before.But the following game is still by the head coach of The Lee Falcon.He was in charge of the coach off the field, as well as a coach who guided the training during the competition in Hainan.According to the current situation, sun Yingsha’s coach in charge has at least solved this problem. Even if the 59-year-old Head coach Li Yang is arranged to continue to serve as sun Yingsha’s off-site coach and sun Yingsha’s special training coach, at least it is better than nothing.But in any case, Liu Guoliang’s arrangement is not wise enough. After all, it is a very appropriate choice to arrange Huang Haicheng to guide Sun Yingsha, or Chen Ji to guide Sun Yingsha.But liu guoliang just happened to be not to choose at the moment, or fixed Li Sun for Sun Yingsha otc leading coach, anyway we hope Sun Yingsha, had Li Sun under the guidance of the coach, can play a good game, the next march can successfully help us ping win victory, so does everybody support and watch the Sun Yingsha.