February 3, 2022 News bulletin, Happy Chinese New Year

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Code word is not easy, if useful, please remember to support like + follow + forward!February 3rd, the third day of the first lunar month in the year of Renyin, Thursday, Happy Spring Festival, Happy Life.2. Liu Qiangdong donated $2.34 billion of stock to education and environmental protection, and has donated 600 million yuan in the past five years;3. Qitu will establish an intelligent logistics industrial park in Saudi Arabia;4. By 2025, more than 60% of highway service areas can be quickly filled;5. Top 10 cities in terms of GDP in 2021: Shanghai and Beijing exceed 4 trillion yuan, and Guangzhou remain the fourth;6. The real estate sales of Metauniverse will exceed 500 million US dollars in 2021, which is expected to double this year;7. The total box office of new films during the 2022 Spring Festival (including pre-sales) has exceeded 2.5 billion yuan;8. Ministry of Ecology and Environment: 29 heavily polluted cities were reduced on New Year’s Eve;The Syrian Football Association has officially announced the disbanding of the national team’s administration and the sacking of all its technical staff.;10. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics: A record number of Americans quit their jobs in 2021.11. IDC: In 2021, the global tablet shipments will reach 170 million units, with Apple topping the list;12, Tesla Model 3/Y is reported to be a new function: disorderly seat disabled;Enjoy a low-key – low-key quiet, practical, deep and meaningful.Low-key is not marginalized forgotten, more is not incompetent.On the contrary, only confidence can achieve low-key and content with low-key.Feng: There is some scientific evidence to suggest that hair should not be cut in the first month of the lunar New Year. According to the Huangdi Neijing (The Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon), hair should be spread out and grow freely in spring instead of being cut off, and hair can be cut off and become seriously sick.1. Sleep more;2. Supplement vitamin C;3. Have a dark chocolate bar;4. Turn on the humidifier.5. Eat fluid food;Drink plenty of water.7. Avoid dairy products;8. Taking over-the-counter medications;9. Wait it out.How to deal with a cold is very important!960 – Zhao Kuangyin launches the Chenqiao Mutiny and makes soldiers embrace him as emperor. The Song Dynasty is established.1783 – American Revolution: Spain recognizes the Independence of the United States.World War I: The United States breaks off diplomatic relations with Germany in protest of Germany’s unrestricted submarine policy announced the day before.1997 – South Africa’s permanent constitution takes effect, ending more than 300 years of apartheid.All content is sourced from the Internet. View is neutral to the views expressed in this article. View does not make any warranties, express or implied, as to the accuracy, reliability or completeness of the content, and is not responsible for the views expressed in this article.The copyright belongs to the original author.If there is infringement, please contact the background editor, we will delete in the first time processing!