Building a world-class “Design City”

2022-05-06 0 By

Report from our correspondent (reporter Meng Qunshu) based on Shanghai characteristics, world-class to the standard, Shanghai to build world-class “design city” to promote the conference held yesterday.Gong Zheng, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, pressed the start button, marking the opening of a new chapter in the construction of a world-class “design City”.Vice Mayor Zhang Wei delivered a speech.Since Joining the United Nations creative Cities Network in 2010, Shanghai has made remarkable achievements in building itself into a “design City”. Design is parallel with urban development, integrated with urban characteristics and connected with the global innovation network.Creative and design industries are booming, with the total output exceeding 1.2 trillion yuan in 2021, an increase of nearly 20%. Excellent design enterprises and talents are gathering at a faster pace, innovative design achievements are constantly emerging, and their international and domestic influence is growing.Entering a new stage of development, Shanghai is competing with the world’s top cities, strengthening the connection between the creative design industry and the national strategy, upgrading the industrial development level, and speeding up the building of the Shanghai model of “design innovative city”.At the same time, we should give full play to the enabling effect of design, enhance urban competitiveness and soft power, and accelerate the integration of design concepts and design services into urban industrial development, spatial environment, public services, people’s lives, and urban brands.Shanghai also focuses on building a design ecosystem, building the brand of “World Design City Conference”, promoting the gathering of global high-quality design elements, creating the first place for excellent design at home and abroad, and the source of new business forms and models of “Design +”, and promoting the development of “five design” in industry, architecture, fashion, digital and service.At the meeting, Tongji University President Chen Jie and others announced the proposal of building a “world-class” design city.Municipal Economic and Information Technology Commission interprets several Opinions on Shanghai’s Construction of world-class “Design City”.The relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology awarded the “national Industrial Design Center” to saic, Lianying Medical, Minimally invasive Medical, Pentium Electrician and Tecan Information.The conference also released a number of creative design and fashion consumer goods industry projects, launched the “Shanghai Design 100+” application, and announced the establishment of a number of industrial funds.