Brave responsibility of grass-roots teachers diligent good dare to be the first

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On the occasion of the centenary of the founding of the Party of Xiaojing in Guilin Lihuang Primary School, “Example 6” as a special program shows us the scene of the waves hitting the shore and the hero corridor of a hundred years. While telling the story of a new era, it also reappears those dazzling names in the starry sky of a hundred years of Party history.To remember is to learn, is to progress, so I used the holiday, watch the role model 6 again, each time I have a different feeling.I was particularly impressed by the deeds of sun Jindi, Huang Dafa, Zhang Guimei and other role models, all of which showed the role of grassroots Party organizations as battle fortresses and party members as vanguard models. These heroes who fought their way through difficulties, they were models for us to move forward and brought light to advance.As a young teacher, WHEN I saw the deeds of Comrade Zhang Guimei, my thoughts welled up in my heart: Comrade Zhang Guimei was deeply rooted in the poor ethnic areas of the border area, and devoted herself to the noble cause of teaching and educating people.She loves education and keeps learning advanced teaching experience and methods. She has summed up a set of special teaching methods suitable for education in poor mountainous areas and achieved outstanding teaching results.She loves school, despite suffering from a variety of diseases, with amazing perseverance to overcome the pain, often overload work in the teaching post;She loves her students and spends most of her salary to help students in need. She actively cultivates students’ interest in learning and hobbies and cares about them from all aspects.With her own actions, Zhang Guimei has put into practice the lofty ideals and pursuit of a Communist Party and made extraordinary achievements on an ordinary post.One, they are a guide led us through the fog, to seek the path model is visible in the light of the feature films of great character, explaining the communists and tireless pursuit of spirit, they are more than ordinary people firm faith, their fame without expectation, only deep fame after exhausting, the heart of the people, think of the people’s thought, the anxious people worry,Being pragmatic and courageous, he has unleashed a strong positive energy and become the spiritual benchmark and banner of our times.When we compare ourselves to our role models, we realize how far we are from them.Take the example as the banner, guide our direction, guide us to the good direction and development.The bright red background, the spirit of responsibility and the feelings for the people emanated from the role models not only enrich our ideological equivalent, but also provide “spiritual guidance” for party members and cadres.Second, they are assembly, ignite the flame, lost faith gather in Milky Way have role models, our revolution success, our belief got the sublimation, the world is flat road, but there are always some people, “after all the sorrow and the sorrow of the first, the world of joy but joy”, the spark, passing in the model,Especially in the hearts of millions of ordinary party members, when we identify the target, move forward together, through in-depth learning example to enhance the ideological realm, so as to achieve the strength of faith.As a contemporary Communist party member, I want to illuminate the direction of faith with the light of example, more and more firm belief in the heart, together with thousands of party members, for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation to contribute to the cause, because we will always believe that “a single spark can start a prairie fire”.Third, they are the writers of history, their work is in the present, and their example is the spiritual core of a nation.The people have faith, the country has strength, and the nation has hope.Through learning, we can transform the power of example into the power of action, so as to transform the power of belief in purifying the soul emanating from example into the internal energy of our work and entrepreneurship, so as to push us forward courageously.We should constantly absorb the spiritual nutrition of example, and transform the power of example into concrete actions in practice, so as to internalize in our hearts and externalize in our actions.When we have inexhaustible power, the great Chinese nation will always stand at the center of the world community of nations.The dedication of these role models is admirable, and the endogenous power that inspires them to go forward and persevere makes me think deeply.In the future work and life, I will look up to the example, do an excellent communist party member, actively play the vanguard role of party members, in order to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream for the goal of hard struggle.