Xiamen Jimei District 6 towns and streets and 13 universities to jointly build a volunteer service platform

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People’s Daily Online Xiamen, March 14 (Zhang Meng) recently, Xiamen Jimei District learning Lei Feng volunteer service activity month launch ceremony was held.It is reported that the activity to “friendly youth, youth dedication” as the theme, by xiamen Municipal Civilization office, Jimei District party committee propaganda department guidance.On the day of the activity, six towns and streets in Jimei District signed the volunteer service agreement with 13 colleges and universities respectively. The majority of young volunteers will go out of the campus and walk into the grassroots to deliver targeted and highly satisfying warm heart services to the masses.The scene of the launch ceremony.It is reported that Jimei district has a large number of colleges and universities, and a large number of young talents. The local youth population has reached 475,000, accounting for more than 45%.The young population structure is an important advantage of the high-quality development of Jimei, and also provides talent support for professional volunteer services.At present, the district has more than 131,000 real-name registered volunteers and 1,772 volunteer teams. It has carried out more than 32,000 volunteer service projects and won more than 50 honors at national, provincial, municipal and district levels.At the event site, six towns and 13 colleges and universities in Jimei district respectively signed a school-land volunteer service agreement.According to the introduction, after surveying the needs of towns and streets and the volunteer service resources of colleges and universities in the early stage, Jimei District matches and builds a pair according to the principle of “on-demand ordering” and accurate docking, so as to maximize the vitality of the volunteer service resources of the whole district.After the signing of the volunteer service agreement, the university volunteer service team will walk into the grassroots and carry out weekend interest classes, beautify the village wall painting, health consultation, helping the elderly and other volunteer services.Moreover, Jimei District will also organize college volunteer service teams to carry out voluntary service activities such as “Youth enjoy health” and “youth legal aid” to provide health consultation, parent-child education consultation and legal aid for the public.At that time, relevant units will also provide professional on-site consultation.Volunteer representatives share experiences.At the scene of the photo offering activity in The Media Center of Jimei District, the volunteer representatives of university students solemnly swore on the stage.Jimei District finance Media Center for the map jimei District related person in charge of the introduction, the district will take this learning Lei Feng volunteer service activity month as an opportunity, actively implement the “Xiamen Medium and long term Youth Development Plan (2018-2025)”, in response to jimei District to build a youth development friendly urban action plan;We will promote the implementation of the “Youth Pioneer” program, gather young volunteers of all levels and types, and guide young people to actively participate in social practice and public service.We will implement the plan to integrate villages with students, give full play to the advantages of educational resources in colleges and universities, realize the co-construction of schools and localities, and build a platform for towns, streets and colleges to provide volunteer services.(Edited by: Wu Zhou, Zhang Zijian)