Write “Fu” and draw “Tiger” in Yuxi, Taiwan Compatriots celebrate “Our Festival, Spring Festival”

2022-05-05 0 By

On the eve of the Spring Festival, The Taiwan Overseas Chinese Office in Yuxi city, Yunnan province organized the “Our Festival, The Spring Festival” — the New Year symposium for Taiwan Overseas Chinese in Yuxi City.Yuxi Taiwan Overseas Chinese Office wishes the Taiwan overseas Chinese compatriots in Yuxi a happy New Year, good health, happy family and all the best!And to understand their production and life, investment and management, encourage them to seize the development opportunities of Yuxi, to achieve greater and better development.”Our festival, the Spring Festival” yuxi preparatory compatriots spring symposium write Spring Festival couplets field (yuxi Taiwan affairs for the chart) symposium, yuxi the thatched cottage of calligraphy teacher Ann specially written guide Taiwan compatriots children painting “tiger”, “fu” a write calligraphy, a picture, every one do the good boy, parents and children feel the charm of the Chinese traditional culture.Hong Wenshan, a Taiwanese businessman, said, “Where we are is also where we are from.” Compatriots on both sides of the Taiwan Straits are a “family” connected by blood, heart and soul.Gu Chengxi, 10 years old (fourth from the left), went to Zhongan to learn writing brush in 2020. He was taught by Principal Cui Haixiang of Zhongan Training School. He won the second “Small Xiuyu Cup” National Primary School Calligraphy Competition, the Special gold medal of Yunnan Province, and the Top 200 of China.Liu Weiguo, director of The Taiwan Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Yuxi City, said that he would continue to serve as the “mother family” of returned Overseas Chinese and relatives of Overseas Chinese in Taiwan, enhance their sense of gain and happiness with practical actions, and integrate into the big family of co-construction, sharing and beauty of Yuxi as “new Yuxi people”.Taiwan compatriots and Overseas Chinese who participated in the symposium all expressed their gratitude to the Taiwan Overseas Chinese Affairs Office for its care and support, and they would better play the role of a bridge in the future, pass the message of Yuxi to their relatives across the Taiwan Strait, share the achievements of Yuxi’s construction, and make positive contributions to promoting the integrated development of the two sides of the Taiwan Straits.It is reported that due to the impact of COVID-19, the number of Taiwan compatriots staying in Yuxi city, Yunnan province for the Spring Festival this year is significantly higher than in previous years.The Yuxi Office of Taiwan Overseas Chinese and other relevant units practice the concept of “One Family across the Taiwan Straits” and carry out various kinds of visits and consolation activities in communities, factories and families, sending blessings, talking to family members, listening to their hearts, asking questions about the health and well-being of Taiwan compatriots and overseas Chinese to coordinate and solve the problems that Taiwan compatriots and overseas Chinese are concerned about.