Why do most owners choose to buy a new house floor?Now I’ve figured it out

2022-05-05 0 By

Why do most owners choose to buy a new house floor?There’s an explanation from a real estate market expert, but you’re having a hard time accepting it.According to years of purchase experience, in the ordinary new community to choose a building, generally there is no first floor, but from the second floor, so the second floor is actually the first floor into the first floor.Floor, upset now, good lighting conditions, ventilation is good, a lot of mosquitoes in summer, so the second floor is too low, can not buy, then 4 fail, because four sounds like the word “death”, so the 4th floor is can’t buy, 7 and 8 floor means there are so-called “so anxious”, because eight occupies the lower word, mean life go down,So if floor 8 doesn’t like it, then floor 14 and floor 4 don’t like it the same way, 14 sounds like “death” and it’s taboo.Obviously, the saying of “pay not double” is largely because many buyers do not like the floor is flat, and many developers claim that I sell the house exclusively, so more people will be persuaded to “pay not to buy a pair”.But these are psychological factors, there is no reason, no reason, in fact, should not be deliberately avoided.When it comes to choosing a floor when buying a house, listen to these arguments and you need to seriously consider three aspects: the cost and overhead of the floor, lighting and ventilation conditions, noise and privacy.As long as all three are good, the “buy one, get one free” argument should not be too much of a concern.Take the lowest price and overhead first.The lowest price should be within your price range and will save you money on everyday expenses, so don’t spend unnecessarily.The 2nd — the daylighting condition that everybody wants to choose and air current condition, want to avoid those alleged daylighting bad floor painlessly so.Domestic actually has regulation to floor daylighting condition.As long as there is a residence, direct sunlight time is limited, must meet the requirements.As with the shortest day, direct sunlight should not be less than 2-3 hours.Nevertheless overall upper daylighting is better than lower layer, the most important is to do not have shield content, daylighting area is bigger.