What is the performance of the 200,000-level exploration with particle traps?

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In recent years, many car enterprises in order to take advantage of the situation to improve sales, in the large density of new cars, in the car market, THE sales of SUV models has been the best performance in the field, the trend of sales climbing is very obvious, including Yue as an evergreen tree in the field, sales is also doubled the good scene!With the arrival of the 2022 Mountain exploration, its sales are also boosted, with the new car upgraded in configuration and cost performance compared with the old model.2022 Tanyue launched 5 configuration models, the guide price of 2049-264,900 yuan, let’s have a look at it.At present, many consumers will first look at the styling when buying a car. The 2022 Tanyue adopts a family-style design style and is a very personalized SUV, which is popular among young consumers.The most burning point of the vehicle design is the honeycomb chain air intake grille with chrome design and sharp LED headlights are well connected together, the overall looks more visual impact, but also very distinctive, brought a good visual effect.In addition, LED headlights also enhance the sense of science and technology of mountain exploration.In addition, in order to meet the personalized needs of more users, Tanyue also brought 10 colors, black roof optional, three wheel sizes, seven wheel styles and a sportier R-line version of the exclusive shape to meet the diverse needs of different consumers.On the side, Tanyue looks very tough as a whole, 4589/1860/1660mm in length, width and height, and 2731mm in wheelbase. It is a standard medium-sized SUV model.In terms of the rear, the new car has a sense of layering and beautiful design. The matrix LED taillight group design with unique modeling and high identification is adopted to make the rear look brighter and create a certain “wild” nature.In terms of interior decoration, the new car adopts the family-style design style. At the same time, the new car also brings a 10.3-inch LCD dashboard, which can clearly display a variety of driving information. The 9.2-inch central control touch screen integrates navigation and audio functions, which can realize GPS navigation, voice recognition and other functions.It also supports two screen projection functions of Baidu CarLife and Qujia WeLink, which is not only practical, but also creates a stronger sense of science and technology, which is more popular with young consumers and brings a certain atmosphere of science and technology.It is worth mentioning that the 2022 exploration mountain has upgraded its configuration. The whole series is equipped with 7 airbags, TPMS digital tire pressure monitoring system, EPS electric steering with speed, MKB multi-way collision avoidance system, ACC3.0 third-generation advanced adaptive cruise system, anti-theft alarm, remote control system, lane keeping system, automatic parking system and other configurations.Make this car run more smoothly, improve the car experience and driving safety.The 2022 exploration mountain is also equipped with zhixing Safety system, which includes dynamic radar cruise control, lane departure warning, lane tracking assistance, collision warning, and automatic high beam adjustment.The space of the 2022 mountain exploration vehicle is good. The length, width and height of the mountain exploration vehicle are 4589mm, 1860mm and 1660mm respectively, and the wheelbase is up to 2731mm. The internal space is spacious, and 5 people will not feel crowded.It’s a comfortable ride.Tanyue trunk space is also large, can put a lot of things, Tanyue also has a variety of storage space, the number of large, large volume to meet the needs of family car storage space;And the back seat support proportion put down, can meet most of the daily car needs.In terms of high power, the 2022 mount is equipped with EA888 2.0t turbocharged engine and introduces DQ500 seven-speed wet dual-clutch transmission. Both power and fuel economy surpass those of the same class, which can save a lot of money on fuel consumption.The 2.0T high-power engine of this car has a maximum transmission power of 162KW and a maximum torque of 350N ·m.Tanyue is also equipped with 4MOTION intelligent four-wheel drive system, efficient control of borgwarner fifth-generation central differential and professional SUV chassis adjustment technology. It can be called a full-function SUV that can cope with multiple road conditions and apply to all scenarios. It is more comfortable to ride, with fuel consumption of 6.8L per 100 km.Tanyue is also equipped with particle catcher, which plays a good role in environmental protection. What are the differences between particle catcher of different brands? Generally speaking, GPF uses wall-flow honeycomb ceramic as the carrier inside, and there are many parallel axial honeycomb channels in the carrier body.Exhaust is discharged from the open inlet hole through the porous wall surface of GPF carrier to the adjacent hole;At present, the country has not set up a unified standard, so different enterprises are completely independent in material selection, channel design and target working conditions.Conclusion: The upgrade of 2022 Tanyue can indeed improve the overall competitiveness, with high retention rate, large space and low fuel consumption. I personally think Tanyue is very good!