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Shanghai Chongming police recently uncovered a theft of unexpected theft was……On January 3, chongming branch temple town of Shanghai municipal public security bureau police station in the morning by district residents ms xu alarm according to their own vegetable patch was stolen a lot of Chinese cabbage police after the police showed up quickly found that ms xu vegetated the cabbage does have 19 while obvious holes at the scene of the police investigation of another villagers living near the Mr Xi ran and told police said he piled up in your garden to giveFat pig is little more than one thousand catties suspect was stolen police immediately to the surrounding areas to carry out the visiting survey soon found a village yao a major crime suspects and found in the home in the stacked cabbage and pig manure in January 5, in accordance with the law called yao a certain by questioning yao for the theft of the villagers of cabbage and farming fertilizer confessed according to yao told a pile up in the garden of agriculture to see othersAfter the fertilizer, he wanted to steal some of it to fertilize his vegetable field so that he could steal more than 1200 jin of pig manure fertilizer from others by using electric tricycle three times in the morning. The last time, he also stole 19 cabbages in a nearby vegetable field.The police returned the cabbage and fertilizer to the victim. Meanwhile, in view of the fact that Yao is still in the stage of bail pending trial for another theft case, the police detained him in criminal detention in accordance with the law. Currently, the case is being further investigated and farmers’ agricultural materials and crops are private property and protected by law.The illegal and criminal acts infringing on the safety of farmers’ property must be severely punished.