The fourth report of “Spring Walking at the Grassroots” series: Make the Way home more “numbered”

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China Unicom Software Research Institute big data travel card guarantee team: Let the road home more “number” on the fifth day of the first month, although the Chinese New Year is thick, China Unicom software Research Institute is still calm and rigorous scientific atmosphere.In the China Unicom Travel card scheduling center on the first floor, the data screen like a “cinema” is constantly changing 5G terminals, travel card calls and other data.”Our holiday here is the same as usual, even busier than usual.”Zhang ruoyu said he was working overtime these two days to verify users’ local cities and deal with complaints about travel cards, as the Spring Festival period is a peak time for people to return home.The vast majority of complaints come from misjudgment of location on big data travel cards.”This is mostly due to the fact that the user is in the transit area, and sometimes the mobile phone signal will connect to a base station in a nearby city, causing the information display to be biased.”Zhang Ruoyu said.He also revealed that if the user’s mobile phone is used too frequently or turned off all the time, the trip code cannot collect the user’s information, and the local city cannot be displayed.In order to solve such problems, Zhang ruoyu and his team established a data model through artificial intelligence algorithm, and used multiple data sources to jointly determine the location of users.This Spring Festival also do not go home, and every night in charge of the stress test work Ricky Wu.Dressed in his company’s uniform, Wu riich’s workstation looks the same as before.”The work clothes the company gives our employees are very warm, and the normal day is almost like the Chinese New Year, so we don’t have much awareness of the Chinese New Year.””He laughed.Wu riich and his colleagues want to put “more heart” into the monitoring and protection of the travel code.For several days, the team monitored the status of infrastructure, data processing flow and card call services in real time to ensure the smooth operation of the card, he said.”We can only carry out pressure measurement in the early hours of the morning so as not to affect users’ perception of using travel cards during the peak hours of the day.”Wu Riqi introduced that most of the pressure measurement team will carry out the test work at 1:00 a.m. to simulate the sudden increase of the number of users using the travel card to 10,000-30,000 within one second in the case of an outbreak of the epidemic, observe the indicators of the travel card application service, so as to ensure the stability and pressure resistance of the big data travel card.For example, if a fault occurs in the deployment environment provided by the travel card, the team immediately issues a fault alarm notification and performs a standby link switchover.”We now have five standby deployment environments. If the primary deployment environment is abnormal, we can immediately switch to the standby deployment environment. During the whole process, users’ perception of using the travel card will not be affected at all.”Rickie said proudly.As a social public service project, the r&d team of big data travel card has no holidays, and both on-site and remote duty personnel are on duty 24 hours a day to ensure the safe operation of big data travel card.At 8:30 am on the fifth day of the first lunar month, Liu Decai of Qingdao Unicom finished checking the operation of the base station network and completed the handover of work. His shift came to an end.”Sometimes customers complain that the cell phone signal is not strong in their communities.”Liu Decai said, 5 minutes ago he received a single, immediately informed network professional construction personnel to deal with.After understanding the reason and making a good plan, he made a good record on the tracking record sheet, and then relieved to take over the shift.Liu’s job is to oversee every step of building wireless networks in residential areas.”Building base stations alone will not solve the cellphone signal problem.The location of the user, the terrain and the shape of the building all affect the signal path.”The young engineer said that he would visit the site every day to understand the factors affecting the strength of the network signal, and provide solutions according to local conditions.”Sometimes you just need to adjust the antenna of the base station, and sometimes you need to locate a new base station.”Liu Decai revealed that in order not to affect the lives of residents, the team will also use a variety of hidden forms such as imitation spotlights and imitation lampposts for signal coverage, and take the way of nighttime construction to avoid interference from residents.After the construction is completed, the team will hold the network management terminal to carry out another round of careful and comprehensive inspection of all communication signal equipment.”Liu Decai said that the operation of each device is related to the strength of the network signal, there can be no mistakes.On-site inspection, scheme formulation, base station construction……After several days of fighting, Liu decai’s eyes were bloodshot.He said that the construction of wireless network involves a lot of work and a lot of responsibility. “Our wish is to make the information and communication of residents more smooth.”Text: Cheng Weijia Editor: Wang Zhuo