Live broadcast seconds kill, infatuated save gold beans, this session of young people also escape gold “really sweet” law

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“Five, four, three, two, one, link.””Pure gold 999,24 k pure gold, 20 years ago the classic, 20 years after the king of broken goods, to the babies have a look.”Approaching the Spring Festival, gold to the peak season of consumption, in previous years the line of gold store crowded, this year online broadcast hot up.January 27 to January 29, New Jingwei for three consecutive days squat douyin, JINGdong, Taobao and other major e-commerce platforms found that no matter the size of the brand opened live with goods, part of the gold belt goods live down to attract more than a hundred thousand people.Nowadays, the buying group of gold is not only “old women”, hoarding gold is also becoming a trend of young people, many people have lamented that “gold is as deep as the sea”.According to data released by the China Gold Association, China’s actual gold consumption will increase by nearly 40 percent year-on-year in 2021.Always pay attention to the price of gold, squatting sow gold wool, buy gold ornaments, save gold beans, gold coins, gold bars…Why do these young people embark on the “road to gold”?Gold bracelet data source: Zhongxin Jing Wei Wei live broadcast second kill gold: the price of less than 1/5 offline?”Are you worthy to buy gold?Match?”On The 28th, Zhongxin Jingwei saw an anchor holding a gold bracelet in the broadcast room of a gold brand, tears rolling in her eyes, because some netizens questioned the authenticity of gold in the comments.Seeing the anchor so excited, many netizens said in the comments, “Don’t be angry with the anchor, support you”. Some netizens also questioned the anchor in the performance, the anchor is arrogant reply, “said I am acting, you give me a bonus?”In a piece of advice, the anchor gradually restored calm, holding the gold bracelet in hand said, “This gold bracelet is not real gold, I fake three.A total of 50 gold beads, 125 yuan each, that is 6250 yuan, plus lotus seeds and accessories, the store at least 9,000 yuan, today 1500 do not, 1400 do not, 1300 do not, also send you a bracelet.”Finally, the anchor posted a link to the product, which was priced at 1,299 yuan.Within seconds, the bracelet appeared to be out of stock, New Warp found.This is just a microcosm of the gold in the studio.Tens of thousands of netizens clicked on shopping carts at the bottom of the screen as the anchors counted down the seconds, and the gold ornaments were snapped up within seconds.Zhang Wen, who was born in the 1990s, recently fell in love with killing gold in the live broadcast room.”Every time I see the anchor pick up a gold jewelry, I feel moved and can’t help wanting to place an order.”Zhang Wen recalled his first time to see the gold belt live or in last year’s “Double eleven”, at that time because his mother wanted to buy gold bracelets, and the offline physical store gold jewelry prices are more expensive, she thought of online comparison, do not see do not know, a look she found online broadcast room seconds kill money is much cheaper than offline.”Listening to the introduction of the anchor, it seems that missing this wave of benefits no longer.Anyway, let’s film it first.After the shoot, I would go to the shopping page to read the details. Then I would be rational and return the item I didn’t like.”Anmy said.In Shandong Jining gold recycling business Lin Rui told the New Jingwei, two years he found that many female customers to his recycling jewelry is very new, and the weight is very light, carefully asked down, just know that these gold jewelry is bought from the broadcast room.”A lot of people killed in the live broadcast room and couldn’t control themselves. I met a lot of jewelry. This kind of jewelry was not expensive, maybe only two or three hundred.Lin Rui said.He says 30 per cent of the gold he receives is “impulse spending”.”In the past, it was almost impossible to sell second-hand gold jewelry in the gold recycling industry, because gold is soft, the scratches on the surface are more obvious when wearing it, and it is easy to deform, and it is difficult to distinguish the true gold content. But now many of the gold we receive are new.”In addition to buying gold jewelry in the studio, there are also people who are crazy about saving gold beans.Zhongxin Jingwei searched on many social platforms and found that there were many posts about zanjindou.”One bean per month, one gram. The purpose of saving gold beans is to save money for a rainy day.””Since the second half of last year, the fund has been too unstable. As soon as 2022 comes, the desire to accumulate gold will be uncontrollable. One by one, it will not stop.””The post reads.After 80 ms Huang told the New Jingwei, he began to save the gold beans last year, at first she also questioned the marketing of the gold beans is the business, “open the little red book a lot of people save the gold beans, see many said to buy in a brand.”I could not bear to receive the push from time to time, so I started to save gold. So far, I have saved hundreds of gold beans.Huang said she would buy on major e-commerce platforms and occasionally in offline physical stores. “I usually don’t pay attention to the gold price. I buy when I am happy or unhappy, and sometimes I buy when I see it.It should be the dowry money saved for future grandchildren.”Lin Rui, a social media platform, told Zhongxin Jingwei that customers had brought dozens of gold beans to be recycled.Since the outbreak of the virus, the phenomenon of golden beans began to spread from the second half of 2020 to last year.In Lin rui’s view, the emergence of gold beans is related to the change in people’s financial attitudes after the epidemic.”Before, many people did not have the concept of saving, but after the epidemic, they realized the role of cash flow and many people also have the concept of saving, so it is timely for merchants to launch such products.”Manufacturers of the jewelry and beans are mainly concentrated in Shuibei, Shenzhen and parts of Fujian province, Lin said.Before, the industry rarely produced gold ornaments of small weight, because the weight is light, the profit is very thin.Zhongxin Jingwei found in the little Red book that there are a lot of “wool pulling post” Amway small gold beans. After adding all subsidies from merchants and e-commerce platforms, the gram price is relatively low.For example, a netizen said he bought 29.81 grams of gold beans and jewelry on a scattered basis, averaging 367 yuan per gram, compared with the Shanghai gold exchange’s early trading price of 368.52 yuan per gram on Jan. 28.Are saving fortunella venosa Lin Rui view, do not rule out some network marketing writers behind his back, “merchants sell this thing estimates that doesn’t make any profit, general agency cost will be more expensive than raw gold one gram of 10 yuan to 20 yuan, plus still pack mail, for businesses, is not appropriate, namely brush credibility, this also is why basic no entity shop.”He also said, “Gold beans are not as beautiful as gold bars. Gold bars are usually marked with pure gold and brand name, but gold beans are very small and can be marked with pure gold at most. Some pure gold is not played.Of course, the gold industry as a whole is relatively self-disciplined, as long as it is formal channels, market prices, there are basically no big problems.”Once upon a time, Chinese dama became famous for buying gold when the price of gold fell, and the word “dama” became associated with gold.Today, young people are becoming the main force of gold consumption.According to the Report “China Gold jewelry Retail Terminal Trend Insight 2021” released by the World Gold Council, one-third of the surveyed retailers said that consumers aged 25 and under spent more gold jewelry in their stores in 2021 than in 2019.Retailers believe that young consumers will lead the trend in the future.Half of retailers are optimistic about the outlook for gold jewellery sales in the next one to two years, ahead of diamonds and other jewellery products.According to data disclosed by the China Gold Association, China’s actual gold consumption in 2021 was 1,120.90 tons, up 36.53 percent from the same period in 2020 and 11.78 percent from the same period in 2019 before the epidemic.Among them, 711.29 tons of gold jewelry, 44.99% more than the same period in 2020;Gold bars and coins were 312.86 tons, up 26.87% from the same period in 2020.Gold brands are also stepping up innovation to cater to young people’s tastes.On the one hand, it keeps innovating in craftsmanship. New techniques such as enamel color, ancient gold, 5G gold and 3D hard gold make gold more colorful and exquisite.On the other hand, it also launched co-branded products with some big IP, for example, Chow Tai Fook once launched Disney co-branded series, chow Sang Sang also released king of Glory co-branded products.Gold is also seen by many as a new way to save money.Many people believe that gold can hold its value.But is gold a sure bet?Zhongxin Jingwei found that in the above live broadcast room, although the anchor repeatedly stressed that only sell pure gold 999, pure gold, false compensation three, but always did not indicate the weight of jewelry.According to photos posted by several netizens in comments on the product page, the size of the bracelet varies from 2.1 grams. Based on the price of 1,299 yuan, the price of gold per gram is as high as 618.57 yuan, even higher than the price of gold jewelry from well-known brands.Lin Rui also repeatedly mentioned in the interview, consumers in the broadcast to buy gold do not “impulse”.”A lot of people think that investing in gold jewelry is a substitute for investing in gold, which is wrong.”He pointed out that the selling price of gold jewelry often includes additional costs such as design, production and transportation, and gold jewelry generally has high processing costs, so the selling price will be higher than the weight of gold itself.But when it comes to recycling gold, it’s usually calculated in grams, so jewelry is often “bought high, sold low.”No one can “buy when the price goes down and sell when it goes up,” he said, adding that the price of recycled gold is not transparent in many parts of the country.In addition, gold storage and cash is not easy, some 3D hard gold jewelry is hollow, not easy to preserve, easy to damage.Recently, consumer protection departments in many places also issued consumption tips for gold and jewelry, suggesting that consumers stay rational when watching live sales of gold and jewelry, and first check the seller’s reputation and buyer’s evaluation before deciding whether to buy.(At the request of the interviewees, zhang Wen and Lin Rui are pseudonyms.