The woman found that her husband had a home outside the house and was ready to divorce

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I am hui brother, every day with you meet the emotional world.I got a story. You got a drink?– Original article on emotion, declined to be reproduced without my consent.Every successful love is extremely difficult, because it must have gone through many trials, overcome many difficulties, and experienced a lot of wind and rain, finally decided to be together for the rest of their lives, to face the unknown future.So, most marriages are decisions made with a lot of thought, determination and courage.Because of this, every couple entering the fence will cherish the hard-won marriage at the beginning.However, marriage is the real life, any husband and wife, no matter how much love, magnificent, after more than ten or twenty years of daily life, the relationship between each other, is no longer passion, but or “water”, or “respect”, or “will each other”.At this point, if two people do not manage well, it is likely to encounter marital crisis.As the saying goes, “Marriage is like drinking water.” There is no marriage that is meant to be, and there is no marriage that is not meant to be.Marriages require wisdom, loyalty, and dedication from each other. Otherwise, even if they start well, they end up hurting each other.40-year-old Lin Hua and her husband Zeng Qiang have been married for 10 years. They have a daughter, who is 9 years old this year, but zeng Qiang has been obsessed with playing cards for so many years, regardless of the family, so that Lin Hua is pessimistic and disappointed, and finally decided to divorce.Lin hua and Zeng Qiang had a hard-won marriage.At the age of 30, she had just gone through a failed marriage and happened to meet Zeng Qiang, who lived next door to her husband’s house.Zeng Qiang is two years older than Lin Hua. When she was a child, she often went to her grandmother’s house to play, so they met since childhood.When Lin Hua read junior high school, Zeng Qiang also expressed to Lin Hua, in that ignorant age, the two people had a simple puppy love, but because of home interference, the final two people ended the relationship early.The two married one after another and had nothing to do with each other.But when years later, two people meet again, the hearts of each other suddenly ignited sparks.At that time Ceng strong still has a family, but Lin Hua to realize a dream, or dishonorable ground and he came together.Later, Lin Hua told Ceng Qiang he was pregnant, forced Ceng Qiang to make a choice.Ceng strong thinks repeatedly, the marriage that chooses to end oneself finally, arrived with Lin Hua life together.Later in their marriage, they often faced different eyes from their relatives and friends, and did not get their blessing, and were pointed at by others behind, but Lin Hua thought that since she had chosen, she would bravely go on.Can not expect, a few years later, Lin Hua is more and more intolerable to her husband.After marriage, Lin Hua found that her husband had nothing to do all day. He did not work at all, nor did he take their daughter. He only knew that he played cards outside every day and came home late.The husband does not touch home, also never give Lin hua living expenses, all kinds of helpless, she had to take a daughter hard, work everywhere to live.Eight years later, as she nears 40, the family still has nothing, no car, no house and no fixed abode.Frustrated by her peers, she began to divorce her husband.One day, Lin Hua, who is working in other places, received a call from a friend, asking whether she and Zeng Qiang divorced.She was very surprised, said that there was no divorce, friends told her that Zeng Qiang recently often took a young woman to play cards, the woman is pregnant, and two people also to “husband” “wife” commensurate.Get this message, if Lin Hua is thunderous, hurry back from other places, launch relevant investigation to the husband.After a period of investigation, she basically confirmed that her husband was with a woman named Wang Li.Wang Li, several years younger, taller and more beautiful, was several months pregnant and about to give birth.After obtaining some evidence, Lin hua talked to her husband and questioned him about wang li.But the husband denied everything, and said they two have been separated for two years, each other’s feelings already broken, now just for the daughter and reluctantly maintain, do not interfere in each other’s life.Seeing her husband say so, Lin Hua was furious.How sad it was to think that instead of getting anything in return for all those years of hard work with her older daughter, she was betrayed by her husband!After thinking for a few days, Lin Hua gradually despairing of her marriage and decided to end it.3, helpless to Sue for divorce, unexpectedly ushered in a huge debt although her husband’s betrayal, such as monks head lice, is an obvious thing, but the husband is open his eyes lie, do not admit.Lin hua is completely disappointed with him and begins to Sue the court for divorce after collecting evidence.Lin hua just wants to quickly end her failed marriage, she also believes that with their own evidence and the fact that the two people have been separated for a long time, the court can easily judge her divorce.But unexpectedly in the court, Zeng Qiang showed his various ious, a total of 1.8 million debt, he said that these are business failures owe.Lin Hua is angry unceasingly, because she knows so many years husband is obsessed with gambling only, had never done any business at all, but he said his gambling debt became the foreign debt that business failure owes, want to let her assume, this is how its shameless and dirty.The court ruled against their divorce because they could not agree on the foreign debt.Get this result, Lin Hua feels uncomfortable.The husband is obviously living with another woman, and has a child, while he is bound by marriage, not only can not have a free life, but also have to endure other people’s strange eyes.Lin Hua appeals to TV column, hope column group can help her and her husband undertake mediation, end each other’s marriage at an early date.Can column group all previous experience untold hardships, still failed to let them husband and wife reach an agreement finally.What they disagree about is the 1.8 million foreign debt, which is so large that neither side wants to compromise, so it’s hard to reach an agreement.After consulting the lawyer, the lawyer gave the opinion that Lin Hua should file the second divorce application, because they had been separated for more than two years and their relationship had really broken down, the court should judge them to divorce.In the case of children and foreign debts, the court can only decide after investigation.How fair is it that their ten-year marriage began and ended in ignominious fashion!Conclusion: famous sociologist my grandma said: “a person obsessed with gambling, you think he can take responsibility for the family, to bring a better life for the family, it is wishful thinking.”I think so.Gambling has many evils.From a small point of view, will harm a person’s body, mind, will, family and future;From the big aspect, it will affect social stability and harmony.Therefore, in order to put an end to this kind of bad social phenomenon, we must start from ourselves, effectively improve the immunity to gambling, clean, consciously away from gambling.In the article, Lin Hua’s marriage failed, ostensibly due to the gradual breakdown of feelings caused by years of separation, but in fact, she mistakenly chose a gambling lover to be together.And such husband not only has the habit of getting something for nothing, and his outlook on life, values also gradually produced a major distortion, make it full of lies, finally embarked on the road of betraying love and family twice.The meaning of everyone’s existence should be to take good care of their lives, their families and themselves, so as to live a wonderful life.Instead of wasting your life gambling, bringing harm to your family and home.To Lin Hua’s marriage experience, how do you look at the officer?You are welcome to write your own brilliant ideas in the comments section!Since you see this, please click “like” to share it!Press the recommendation button to recommend the article to more people.Thank you!(End) Author introduction: Hui Ge, a middle-aged uncle who has been running, hopes to wake up those sleepy people with his clumsy words.# Emotional story #