Reuters is coming!Red with green modeling was praised, and the official with Li Guangjie frame CP sense is strong

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Regularly share star information, rational eating melon.Like please pay attention to entertainment bang!♥ there are some actors usually attend the event when the shape is more fixed, but can be through acting, challenge some different styles of modelling, give you a bright feeling.Recently, zhao Liying, who is filming the TV series “Wild Growth”, also exposed a new Reuters.Reuters not only revealed zhao liying’s new look, but also saw a rare photo of zhao and li Guangjie, the lead actor in the series.Reuters from the exposure can see that Zhao Liying wearing a long green coat.This kind of green is very pick a person actually, but after Zhao Liying puts on however line gets the skin of whole person more and more white, more highlight temperament, plus the adornment of belt, appear the figure of whole person also more and more tall carry.The head is matched with a red beret, with long curly hair, the whole person incarnation rich daughter, very expensive, in fact, red with green is a kind of collocation that is difficult to control in everyone’s life, but Zhao Liying this suit is unexpectedly very good-looking, retro flavor is full.The show is set in the ’90s, and Zhao liying’s look is both contemporary and gorgeous, and it doesn’t look cheesy now.With Zhao Liying’s usual collocation is completely different, give a person a bright feeling at the moment.According to Reuters, zhao liying was in a shopping mall, sometimes looking at sunglasses, sometimes touching a scarf, with a big smile on her face. She was in a very good state, which was praised by everyone.Since it is shopping, certainly not a person, and then some netizens exposed zhao Liying and the play’s leading actor Li Guangjie with the frame of the picture, Zhao Liying is also wearing this, next to Li Guangjie is wearing a light brown windbreaker, with a big back, a pair of successful boss style.Two people walk as he spoke, li-ying zhao stood beside guangjie li, with both hands holding each other’s arms, the whole people very petite tender, although li-ying zhao in this play is a strong woman, but in this scenario is rare to see the feeling of a little woman, deserve to go up gentleman guangjie li, CP, so to speak are very good, atmosphere of feeling full,Many people said it was too sweet.Prior to this, zhao Liying and Li Guangjie had been exposed in the drama married fragments, and this exposure of the two with the frame, should be the two married scene.It was a very different experience to see Reuters twice, but it was both very sweet, and it made the show all the more exciting.What do you think of the latest news about Zhao Liying’s new drama?Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments below.