New Year drinking to pay attention to!The cost of drunk driving is clear once today!

2022-05-04 0 By

During the Spring Festival, everyone is busy visiting relatives and friends. No matter it is family reunion or friends gathering, there is always a few drinks to help the fun. As the saying goes, “Drink not drive, drive not drink”.I believe that we all understand the harm of drunk driving, but there are always some car owners do not take it seriously, the main reason is not strong enough awareness of refusing drunk driving, whether it is lucky, or rely on driving skills, the fact of illegal drunk driving cannot be changed, drunk driving will be severely punished is doomed.Drinking driving alcohol content 20mg/100ml — 80mg/100m (excluding) direct cost: driving license 12 points + 6 months of suspension of motor vehicle driving license + 1000 yuan fine.Direct cost of drunk driving when the alcohol content reaches or exceeds 80mg/100ml: constraint until sober + revocation of driving license + no reobtaining motor vehicle driving license within 5 years + criminal liability.Direct cost of driving a operating motor vehicle after drinking: 15 days detention +5000 yuan fine + revocation of driving license +5 years shall not obtain a new motor vehicle driving license.Direct cost of operating motor vehicle after drunk driving: constraint until sober + revocation of motor vehicle driving license + criminal liability + no reobtaining motor vehicle driving license within 10 years + no driving of operating motor vehicle after reobtaining driving license.The direct cost of a serious traffic accident caused by drunk driving: criminal liability investigation + revocation of motor vehicle driving license + lifelong driving ban.If you are a government official or a civil servant, I’m sorry, because you have committed a crime and been sentenced, dismissed from public office or expelled from the Party.If you need to apply for an immigrant visa or a student visa, please first show proof of no criminal record, because when applying for an exit visa, most countries require proof of no criminal record.If you are fired because of drunk driving, you will not be able to get financial compensation.If you are an operating vehicle driver, you should know that after a drunk driving sentence, you will be banned from operating a motor vehicle for life, even if you get your license back.If you want to join the army, work in security, aviation, etc., or apply for military academy, police academy, etc., there will be restrictions due to criminal record…If once because of drinking or drunk driving traffic accident, resulting in casualties, vehicle damage, the cost will be greater.Given the cost of drunk driving, would you still get behind the wheel after a glass of wine?Dongguan traffic police Dongcheng brigade to remind you: push wine on the banquet table, safe driving is more expensive than wine.