Ha ha ha!Wang Meng commentary and hot search, this sentence is great

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If you still don’t know wang meng’s Internet connection is bad northeast girl wang meng in the commentary shows his strong ability “rule” on February 5th night Chinese short track speed skating mixed anchor man won the Olympics the first gold medal of the Chinese delegation wang meng tech-oriented boiling because when in the game and huang jianxiang partner commentary quip mount on seven hot search last night in a row the Chinese short track speed skating team play againTo a gold and a silver on the field of good results thrilling outside the field known as the “treasure champion duan Zi hand” China’s short track speed skating star, the winter Olympics four gold medalist Wang Meng again with witty commentary hit the hot search network friends said: listen to can be exciting!Last night’s competition scene Wang Meng again: Wang Meng was before the joke to steal the scene of the “Turkish brother” yesterday jumped the gun again: Wang Meng could not help but sigh: This prediction is really fast realization of the More dramatic is the Turkish brother,Also won the team’s first ▼ wang meng and huang jianxiang discussion of refereeing decisions seem to see the English lessons I ▼ Korean player Huang Daxian was sent off from the start to the exclamation of wang is also the most to force or the runs smooth ▼ ▼ as a partner, a famous commentator huang jianxiang from efforts to control to the small voice cut in to “fall schemes” took only ten minutes to know he is perhaps the best in the countryThe video of Wang Meng, one of the commentators, participating in the competition and variety show was so popular on various apps that everyone was surprised: Good guy!We even have such a treasure girl many ice sports fans are not convinced: this is Wang Meng ah!After winning the women’s 500-meter short track speed skating gold medal at the Turin Winter Olympics in 2006, she won three gold MEDALS in the women’s 500-meter, 1,000-meter and 3,000-meter relay at the Vancouver Winter Olympics in 2010. She is still the most decorated Chinese athlete in winter Olympics.”The first gold medal of The Chinese team was born. What did I tell you?We are China’s first gold was born on February 5th today “then players still in slippery penultimate lap changing of competitive sports is less than the last second uncertain Wang Menggan so shout in addition to the experience of intuition and professional judgment render more reveal is a kind of true temperament is still in her eyes like a small sun light, mentally see dark dumb not firmly wrapped with routines and words the true to myselfPeople not only the expression of joy jokes and wulitou package is a courage and strength to the east east can’t help but to weak to say a word game exciting see person heart speeds up, but because of the “Lord” explanation has increased a lot after the tense atmosphere joy looking forward to wang meng can bring us more wonderful explanation also expect China games athletes to have more excellent performance sources:Eastday.com integrated CCTV network, Qianjiang Evening News, Science and Technology Daily, netizens comments and other responsibilities: Yucheng Yang