Guangxu and Puyi, in fact, there is an emperor, only three days in office, the name is familiar

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“The impermanent monarch, the country is not determined minister” is to take chaos of the law, but the key moment of the end of the Qing Dynasty wind and rain misty, the streets of Beijing, but are in the news of the court to change the emperor.At that time, the nominal ruler of the Qing Court is the Emperor Guangxu, and the actual control of the highest power, is the famous Empress Dowager Cixi, there is no doubt that the ability to dominate all this can only, only because of the Hundred Days reform and Guangxu heart of discord with Cixi Cixi.1900 Puyi was not born, Tongzhi, Guangxu, can legitimately inherit the candidates are not much.Few of them were able to enter the eyes of cixi, and the final honor, unsurprisingly, fell on the head of Cixi’s grandnephew Aisin Gioro Pujun.In 1874, emperor Tongzhi, the only son of Emperor Xianfeng, died, and the nobles of the Qing Dynasty began to discuss the issue of succession to the throne. As The Xianfeng family had no heirs, they had to choose their offspring from the zaizi generation or puzi generation to be adopted by Emperor Xianfeng or Tongzhi.Theoretically from pu generation to choose with the emperor’s successor is more appropriate, but because the Aixin Gioro family, after more than a dozen generations of reproduction, pu generation is now a distant cousin of the royal, the identity is far less than a few prince prominent as xianfeng emperor brothers.So after several discussions, the succession to the throne was narrowed down to the heirs of several princes who participated in the discussion.In the end, aixinjueluo Zaitian, who was only four years old, was adopted by emperor Xianfeng, who had died long ago, to inherit the great Tong. The next year, he was renamed Guangxu, the yuan.The emperor succeeded to the throne in large part because Cixi had already conceived the idea of ruling from behind a curtain. The young Emperor was more in control than the ambitious adult imperial family, and the two were closer to each other than his own sister’s flesh and blood.But in the most ruthless imperial family, Cixi’s desire for power was far greater than family love, and by the time Guangxu came of age and needed to return to power, an irreparable rift had developed between the two.Guangxu’s feelings towards Cixi were complicated. After all, his accession to the imperial throne depended on cixi’s strong support. In other words, the legitimacy of Guangxu’s throne came from Cixi.But as an emperor with ideas, Guangxu was not willing to let the qing dynasty be buried on his hands as a puppet of Cixi.It is this kind of entangled psychology that foreshadowed the tragedy of Guangxu. He was very depressed all his life. On the one hand, he wanted to do something, but on the other hand, he was afraid of doing something, because Cixi did not allow him to have his own ideas.But when the Reformers, led by Kang Youwei and Liang Qichao, approached Guangxu, everything changed.On June 16, 1898, Emperor Guangxu, deeply influenced by the Reform ideas, summoned Kang Youwei, who had written to him for many times. Not long before, he had just issued the “National Reform Is Edict” to the whole country, showing his determination to reform the Reform law to the whole world, and also formally challenged the Empress Dowager Cixi.However, the reform lasted only 103 days and ended in a disastrous defeat for the Reformists. Not only the Reformists were sent to the guillotine, but also Emperor Guangxu himself was imprisoned in Yingtai. There was even a rumor that empress Dowager Cixi wanted to dethrone emperor Guangxu.This time it was not without reason, for Cixi did have the idea of installing a new emperor, and had already begun to act on it.With her previous experience, Cixi quickly found a suitable candidate, Aisin Gioro Pujun.As his grandnephew, this is no doubt from the family, and Pu Jun belongs to the standard of the playboy, not like guangxu emperor as much “strange” ideas, even after the succession of Cixi, also can firmly control the government.On January 24, 1900, Cixi welcomed Pu Jun into the palace, into the subsequent son of Tongzhi emperor, and was given the top wearing a feather, called him “big brother”.Although “a elder brother” in the Qing dynasty is only the title of the emperor, not the title, there is no actual official position, but in the context of Guangxu yingtai prisoners, Cixi’s practice is undoubtedly pu Jun, as the only heir to the throne.Pu Jun followed tongzhi emperor’s teacher to learn a few days of etiquette rules in the palace, was appointed by cixi, by him to preside over the upcoming several major ceremonies.The great events of the state lie in the worship and rong.According to qing tradition, only the heirs to the throne, besides the emperor, were qualified to preside over ceremonies at this level.Perhaps because too young, Pu Jun finally did not preside over all the rites, but instead of guangxu emperor to fengxian temple worship of the first emperors, but this has marked the guangxu emperor’s throne in jeopardy.Hasty end of the farce world no impervious wall, Pu Jun will succeed the news, quickly spread the 49 cities, there are people said Pu Jun has been three days of the emperor, the New Year will change yuan “bao Qing”.Although pu Jun’s accession to the throne is a myth, Bao Qing is indeed the New Year’s name that Cixi prepared for Pu Jun.Cixi originally planned to clear up the confusion and let Guangxu “abdicate” during the Spring Festival, but unexpectedly met with constant opposition from all levels of the court, and even foreign ambassadors openly expressed their opposition.A wave of opposition exceeded Cixi’s expectations, and to avoid more serious problems, she decided to postpone the matter, but Pu Jun remained the first in line to the throne.Emperor guangxu at this time of the situation is still very difficult, who also did not think of, the final people are pu Jun’s father end county king Aixin Jueluo · carry Yi.Different from the pleasure-indulging clan, Zaiyi was very dissatisfied with the situation of the Qing government at that time. He tried his best to get rid of the control of the foreign powers, urged war with the foreign powers, and allowed the Boxers to assassinate the ministers in China.The foreign ministers in China were assassinated frequently, and the Qing government did nothing, so the foreign powers gathered their troops and began to march on Beijing.Zaiyi relied on the Boxers of yihetuan, but of course they were useless, because even the troops of the Qing government were in a precipitous rout.In a panic, Cixi had to withdraw from Beijing, and the culprit, Zaiyi, was exiled to Xinjiang. Pu Jun was removed from the title of “big brother”, and a farce came to an end.Conclusion The gloomy life of Emperor Guangxu was very much like the decadent qing government at that time. Although the country was large and the people were many, it had to be bullied by the foreign powers.The Guangxu Emperor did not dare to rebel against Cixi, and the Qing government did not dare to offend the foreign powers, not because a weak emperor led a weak country, but because some people, out of their desire for power, would sacrifice the future of a country and a nation.When Emperor Guangxu and Cixi passed away in November 1908, they were as close as mother and son, but eventually became estranged because of their power.The vast state was handed over to the three-year-old Puyi, but there was no second Cixi.With the death of the supreme ruler of the empire, China’s last feudal dynasty also ushered in its last hour.