Embellish business advantage, embellish business deep cultivation book publishing ten years

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Served ten years experience in financial field of writing, nearly hundred Chinese pioneer enterprises, state-owned enterprises, state-owned enterprises, private companies, foreign companies are involved in, the world 500 strong, China’s top 500, listed companies and industry leading, regional leadership brand, hidden champions to more than 80% of the total number of published research enterprise, can accurately grasp the enterprise demands, customization enterprises need books.Embellish business full-time financial author team deep a line of writing and understand the history of business, entrepreneur characteristics, reader preferences, can quickly through the business logic behind the phenomenon of insight, the text control, rendering ability outstanding, have book writing experience, familiar with the process of book production, with independent research direction, in the shape of enterprise culture and have rich experience.Runshang’s customized book business covers 4 processes and 10 steps, and ensures the achievement of goals with standard and refined process management.At the same time, Runshang will arrange 1V1 project manager for the enterprise, who will serve as the communication and docking between the project leader and the creative team of Runshang.Ensure that all aspects of the process go smoothly to ensure both quality and efficiency.Runshang creative team always adheres to the creation principle of “key figures must be interviewed face to face, and important scenes must be returned to the scene”, creates enterprise stories objectively and truly, summarizes the core ideas of the enterprise in a standard way, tells enterprise stories well with the ultimate craftsman spirit, and avoids running account and reportage writing.Runbusiness provides customized books, cultural consulting, brand reputation, promotion and communication of four sections, 7 product lines, 40 kinds of products customized services, with the model of book creation and promotion, in the company to create corporate culture to provide a variety of forms of expression, easy to gather employees inside the enterprise, external cultural communication.Runshang has been deeply engaged in book publishing for ten years, and has formed long-term strategic cooperation with domestic first-class publishing houses and well-known media, and is familiar with the way of bestseller creation and dissemination.With traditional marketing to form credibility, reputation, with Internet marketing to achieve the outbreak and fission, all channels, all-round promotion and dissemination of new books, so that it becomes the publishing industry, the reader group praise.