100 years ago, the first US aircraft carrier, fought in WWII, why self-destruct with Java island

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It was the United States Navy’s first aircraft carrier, a converted coal carrier, and it was one of the first American ships to use electric propulsion, and it was the first aircraft carrier to be lost in the war, the USS Langley.”Langley” of development, can be traced back to 1910, when the us navy, want to further development of naval aviation strike capability, so the idea of combined with aircraft and ships, when the us navy started using CL – 2 “Birmingham” corvette first, “Pennsylvania” armored cruisers and ACR – 4 tail, installed on the wooden platform,The us Navy was so encouraged by this experiment that it allocated $25,000 for further research, but the carrier’s development was thwarted by a fatal crash.In July 1914, World War I broke out, in which a variety of new weapons such as aircraft, poison gas, tanks and long-range artillery were put into the war, which further stimulated the development of naval aviation. The importance of carrier-borne aircraft was gradually recognized, which also prompted the United States to reconsider the future of naval aviation.At that time, the Royal Navy, as a pioneer, had already refitted and was building the aircraft carriers “Furious”, “Hundred-Eyes” and “Sporting God”, and further developed the aircraft.The Japanese Navy also began to build its first real aircraft carrier, the Fengxiang. Faced with this situation, the United States decided to develop its own aircraft carrier.Put forward three years manufacturing 4 aircraft carrier’s plan, due to Versailles and after the meeting, the world political stage are easing, makes the United States congress did not want to set aside a large sum of money to rearm, refused to approve building any aircraft carrier, but the navy is keen to have an aircraft carrier, since can’t build a new carrier, they instead, imitate the practice of the British,Starting with the refit, they selected the 5,500-ton ac-3 Jubilant coal carrier to convert the carrier.Than at the end of 1919, “zhu long refitting work, at the beginning of the Norfolk navy yard, in the modification process, participate in the British navy” Argus date “and” hawk “aircraft carrier design and modification, British ships experts” goodall “, provides the navy with a lot of, the British navy aircraft carrier design drawings and data, these drawings and data for refitted aircraft carrier in the United States,Played a crucial role.The first part of the Jupiter conversion was to level the deck and install a flat wooden platform from bow to stern as a full-length flight deck. Other modifications included removing the superstructure and loading and unloading the lifting rods, and rearranging the cabins.Jubilate was refitted and returned to service on 20 March 1922. Sea trials began on 17 October and she was renamed Langley no. Cv-1.After it was commissioned, the USS Langley was primarily used for flying missions and training, and then was officially commissioned to provide air cover and maritime reconnaissance for battleships. Thus, the FIRST aircraft carrier of the United States Navy, the USS Langley, officially came into view, opening the way for the development of aircraft carriers in the United States Navy.Main parameters “Langley” is 165 meters long, 18.3 meters wide, with a full load displacement of 14,700 tons, a maximum speed of 15 knots, and a maximum range of 10,000 nautical miles when cruising at 10 knots.The power and propulsion system is electric propulsion, which is driven by generators from three boilers and powered by two electric motors with a maximum output of 6,500 HP.On October 17, 1992, Captain Griffin took off from the USS Langley for the first time in a Walter VE-7-SF fighter, marking the beginning of the carrier era for the United States Navy.In 1923 the Langley, mainly in the Caribbean, flew missions and trained, made voyages to various places, and tested various combat systems.On November 29, 1924, the LANGley was commissioned into the U.S. Navy’s Pacific Fighting Fleet.It marks the first official aircraft carrier for the United States Navy.In April 1925, the LANGley made its first night landing, followed by aircraft takeoffs and landings in various weather conditions to train the carrier’s all-weather combat capabilities.On 25 October 1936, as the number of aircraft carriers being built by the U.S. Navy increased, LANGley was relieved of her carrier duties and entered mull Naval Shipyard to be converted into a seaplane tender (transport aircraft).On 26 February 1937, langley was refitted and converted to AV-3.The modified Langley is part of the Air Patrol and operates off the West Coast of the United States.He served with the U.S. Atlantic Fleet from January to July 1939, arriving in Manila on September 24 and rejoining the U.S. Pacific Fleet.To participate in world war ii, self-destruction and Java in December 1941, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the Pacific war broke out, the anchor in the Philippines “langley,”, when Japanese forces attacked the Philippine, retreat to the port of the Bali of Dutch east India plate, then to an Australian port of Darwin, is then used as a transport plane, is responsible for the transport aircraft to the war zone,And assist the Royal Australian Air Force with anti-submarine patrols.Then travel to the port of Felimantu in Western Australia.On February 22, 1942, to find a wow island port of cheese raza, support the allied operations in southeast Asia, “langley,” the task of originally, is in February 28, 1942 into the port, you can forward under the cover of darkness, and avoid the Japanese aircraft attack, but due to the problem of fuel, “langley, speed section of only 10, plus the problem such as communication,Superior command “langley number” on the 27th morning, change direction and to escort ships and, such “langley,”, must enter Java port on the 27th day, February 27 at 10 a.m., “langley, discovered by day machine,” langley, “the captain had to ask for air cover, but no answer, until 11 o ‘clock,About 120 kilometers south of Port Cilacza, the Langley was attacked by nine Japanese aircraft. It was hit five times, burst into flames, lost power, and killed 16 people.”Langley” has been unable to reach Chicago port, lazarus “issued the order to abandon ship in the afternoon, two destroyer escort to save the crew, in order to prevent from falling into Japanese hands” langley, in September 100 mm shells, and two torpedo will sink “langley, this is the Pacific war, the loss of the first aircraft carrier.”Langley” as the first aircraft carrier of the United States, it opened the history of aircraft carriers of the United States Navy, become the pioneer of the United States Navy aviation forces, its achievements are indelible, after the United States Navy had a huge impact.What else do you know about the USS Langley, the first us aircraft carrier?What do you think?Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section.If you think the arrangement is ok, please forward, leave a message, like and follow, thank you for your support.