When you name your child, it’s all about being emotionally invested

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The top 50 most frequently used Chinese characters for newborn registration in 2021 are Ze, Zi, zi, Yu and mu, according to a national Name Report released recently.Among male newborns, the 10 most frequently used names were mu Chen, Hao Yu, Mu Chen, Mingze, Yi Chen, Yu Ze, Hao Ran, Yi Ze, Yu Xuan, Mu Yang;Among female newborns, the 10 most frequently used names were: Ruoxi, Yino, Yihan, Yi Nuo, Zi Han, Yi Mo, Yu Tong, Xin Yi, Yu Tong, Yu Xi.The Household Administration Research Center of the Ministry of Public Security has released a national name report for three consecutive years since 2018, which is widely regarded as “of great reference value” for baby names.But if you look at the three reports, you will find that the “reference value” does not translate into “practical value” — the trend of baby names has not changed much in the past two years, and the words used seem to have changed a lot.”Modesty.My grandfather’s name.””Sally, my grandfather’s name.””My grandfather is Xiru and my grandfather is Muqian.”…This is the discussion about grandparents’ names when the first name report was released.Further forward, Nan Huaijin, Xu Beihong, Nalan Xingde, Lin Huiyin, Li Qingzhao, Zhuo Wenjun, etc., let people feel that their names “thunder piercing ears” at the same time, but also sincerely admire their talent.From the parents’ generation, Chinese names became more casual. A data in 2014 shows that the top four names with the highest similarity rate in China are: Zhang Wei, Wang Wei, Wang Fang, Li Wei…10 after 20 after the two generations of children, there have been a large number of “ze, catalpa, son, yu, mu”, “if, nuo, tong, xin, language” and other words, in fact, has been named progress than the previous two generations.In ancient Chinese, these words also have deep, beautiful meaning, but can not be used in a rush, once the repetition rate is too high, even a single good name, also seem boring.Critics say that in recent years, the term “educated, uneducated” has been applied to the naming of children.Generation is a generation of named agitation, 10 20 after parents of the children of the two generations, is under the influence of youth idol drama to grow up, they, Korean dramas, domestic drama, the three countries of youth idol drama, intangible made huge impact on them, gather the words from TV character name repeated combination, or simply “to”,It may seem fashionable, but it is unaware of falling into cliches.Chinese people’s names, even given name plus family name, are mostly two to four characters, and China has a large population, it is difficult to take a name with both personality and culture.But it’s not that hard to give up trying to think like a bandwagon and give your child a good name.In the past, people’s names are good to hear, because they often go to “The Book of Songs”, “I Ching”, Tang poetry and Song words to find inspiration, ancient Chinese classics such as the sea, from which to choose one or two words as a child’s name, should have “weak water three thousand, only take a ladle” as easy.But it is precisely this seeming ease of action that makes many people frown.The first is to find ancient classics, has become a big obstacle, many people home, is not this kind of books, even through the form of Internet search, found individual chapters, for how to choose the right word to use, will be at a loss;The second is lack of patience, do not pay attention to the name of the child, the name of the child is more to meet the urgent need for registered permanent residence, rather than let the child have a life can use the “label”;There are also many people to save worry, will spend money to ask a person name, but so “please” to the name, more appear “false”, without parental emotion, such a name also did not taste.To avoid repeating your child’s name, give up wandering around in the narrow space of the names of the characters in idol dramas.In addition, immediately out of the Book of Songs and other ancient books can not play a fundamental role.The most important thing is to change your mind, calm down and put more emotion and time into the naming process.Believe that the idea that wants to have higher pursuit to the child name only, inevitable meeting bypasses a lot of name “trap”, go up to the child’s id card, leave a good name that is worth a look again look, savour repeatedly.Source: · Southern Metropolis Daily