The results are in!”21 days without anger challenge” for families in Shuangshuiyan Station North Road Community

2022-05-03 0 By

In order to promote the healthy growth of children, recently, shuangshuiyan Street station North road community to carry out the “21 days not angry challenge” – parent-child emotional management to improve the final evaluation of the plan, by everyone.It is understood that on January 17, the parents who participated in the activity signed the “21 days not angry challenge” pledge, and decided to make a daily mood barometer.Now that the final test results are in, did the parents and children succeed?Many children said that after their mistakes, their parents angry degree greatly reduced, “I also pay more attention to their own words and deeds, try not to provoke parents angry.”One parent said it was difficult to complete the “21 Days without anger” challenge, because children grow up without making mistakes. “Whenever I want to get angry, I will first think about how to deal with emotions taught by the teacher, and then slowly calm down my own emotions, and gradually learn to manage emotions.”The “21 Days without Anger Challenge” activity is helpful for parents and children to grow up and make progress together.