“The World” ending: Tao Junshu dirty?Educated young women do not want to look back on the history, very obscure

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“The World”, always feel tao Junshu is very annoying, other female educated youth can get along very well, only she does not fit in.She is also lazy, always unwilling to work, but also likes to laugh at Hao Dongmei and others.Even to get back to town, to commit to a man who doesn’t seem reliable at all.Until, she and Hao Dongmei open their hearts, said their hands can not be injured, but can not be frozen, so she can not escape the piano.And to play the piano she had to go back to town, which is why she did what she was not proud of.Women really for the so-called “bright future”, even love and face do not want?At the beginning of the plot, she is like a princess in a lofty position: “All such intellectuals who can go to work in the countryside should go there with joy.The countryside is a wide world, where much can be done.”When the real beidahuang, rural world, her dream shattered, such as down and out phoenix as chicken.But Tao Junshu knows his value, she is having fresh young age and the charming appearance of flower like jade, this can be exchanged for wear director so in charge of the man’s favor!This gave her the courage and imagination to leave the place where her hands were frozen.But the reality is harsh!Tao Junshu did not have what special, at least she thought of chastity, wearing director read countless eyes not worth a hair.Director Dai has read “365” bodies, tao Junshu is insignificant!Other female educated youth was threatened and insulted, she dared not speak out, but also complacent, “I will return to the city immediately!Who cares?!”With Dai director of her “forget”, Tao Junshu begins to become disappointed, angry!She wanted revenge on this man, to be a fighter for justice!”He has two red moles in his privacy!I will!”Tao Junshu boldly expose, wear director to justice eventually.Tao Junshu victory, she became a hero, but the hero has to face “she also shameless!”Of blame, and the torment of college entrance examination threshold!The history of educated youth is full of obscurity.Many educated young women may have been treated like this, but they don’t want to talk about it anymore.If you open a scar, it always hurts.”The world” to tao Junshu story description, very realistic, the reality of blood!Are they dirty?What do you think?Welcome to pay attention to message forwarding, catch up with the drama.