Sad!!!Guangxi many mountain area temporary teachers were eliminated!There is no such thing as high or low in any profession!

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Recently, guangxi Dahua county has many mountain area temporary teachers have been “eliminated”, some of the temporary teachers when the 24 s class teachers, that is, they will be dismissed!It has aroused attention and heated discussion on the Internet.It is an inevitable thing that temporary teachers in mountainous areas in Guangxi are eliminated.After all, as more and more students graduate from teachers colleges (schools), there will be some teachers arranged to go to the mountain schools.The young teachers coming out of these schools have diplomas and certificates, and they will replace the unlicensed temporary teachers in the mountains, of course.Everyone knows that under the current system, temporary workers are the dirtiest, hardest and worst jobs.But the pay is the worst, and there are few basic benefits guaranteed.Of course, being dismissed as a temporary worker means that there is no retirement treatment, no labor protection treatment, which is a very cruel and inhuman employment system.After working as a teacher for 20 years, he was dismissed as a temporary worker in his 60s.Without any labor insurance treatment, without any retirement treatment, really let a person feel too cruel.Whether it is a teacher job or other jobs, as long as in general a unit, a post of continuous work for 8 or 10 years or more, should be converted to a formal worker.Enjoy retirement and labor insurance benefits.Capable so long, you still don’t give somebody else turn regular, show this post this job is to need him.Should become a formal worker, he also has such ability, have such responsibility.If you don’t give someone a permanent job, it is clearly a kind of job discrimination and job exploitation.And he’s been working for 24 years?Can not let the majority of temporary teachers sad!Substitute teacher, generation of a lifetime of classes, facing the old kick, chill ah!National policy and law, should incline and protect basic laborer.To protect people’s enthusiasm for work, and the right to work, work welfare.But these temporary teachers need to have a reasonable placement in mountainous areas.That’s what makes you human. That’s what makes you warm.There is no such thing as high or low in any profession!At the same time, from the aspect of education quality, teaching is a profession with extremely strict requirements, which requires a teacher certificate. In those days, these teachers did not pass examinations to enter the teaching profession, so hiring them to teach is only a temporary measure, rather than a long-term approach.Because China’s education department has clear laws and regulations in this regard, the purpose is to improve the quality of education in China, especially “improve the level of teachers” is a part of improving the level of education, all teachers entering the education industry must have a teacher qualification certificate;They don’t have a teaching certificate and it’s only a matter of time before they are eliminated.Especially in recent years, after the state has improved the treatment of primary and secondary school teachers, there are more people who take the examination of teachers, and of course there is no lack of teachers. Of course, these temporary substitute teachers are the time to be dismissed.The situation in Guangxi is rather late. In some provinces the dismissals of temporary teachers began in the 1990s.The temporary teachers were fired because they failed to obtain a teaching certificate. If they had, they would not have been fired.At the same time, the relevant education department does not mistreat them. For example, the school also pays the social security for them, and they can receive it when they reach the age.Especially compared with the teachers of the same type of private schools, their treatment is reasonable, and it is normal to eliminate them.Otherwise, the quality of education of relevant schools cannot be improved, which is the process that the quality of education in China must go through.These temporary teachers in the mountainous areas have both merit and hard work.When college students begin to go to the mountainous area education, it is necessary to have a reasonable placement of these temporary teachers who have been fighting in the front line of mountainous area education for a long time.For example, teachers who are older (e.g., over 40 years old) and have been teaching for a long time, such as those who have been teaching for more than 10 years, will be transferred from “private” to “public” and from “temporary” to “fixed”. They can do some logistics management work in mountain schools.For teachers who have reached retirement age, they can go through retirement procedures as regular teachers.For young teachers in mountainous areas, they are encouraged to obtain the teacher qualification certificate. For teachers who cannot obtain the teacher qualification certificate, because they are young, they can be given certain subsidies and let them find a way out by themselves.Xiaobian conclusion: Although these teachers in the mountain area are called “temporary teachers”, in fact, their “temporary” is more than ten or even twenty years of time, they have dedicated their youth to the education in the mountain area, and their dedication can be called no regrets.They took up posts at any school they were asked to attend, and taught whatever subjects they were asked to teach.Sometimes they even set up a teaching place by themselves, and their income was very meagre, no more than a few hundred dollars.It can be said that when education in mountainous areas is the most difficult, it is they who shoulder the burden of education in mountainous areas.In a word, it is a reasonable placement for these temporary teachers who have made contributions to the education in mountainous areas, which is also a recognition of their work.What do netizens think of this?Original is not easy, if you like this article, welcome to forward, favorites, share.If you want to know more exciting content, please follow the education Talent show