Rare earth prices continue to rise, rare earth permanent magnet plate “king of return”?

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Rare earth prices continue to rise, rare earth permanent magnet plate “king of return”?According to the Securities Times, recent rare earth prices continue to rise.According to the statistics of China Rare Earth Industry Association, the rare earth price index has continuously hit a record high, rising 24.78% from the beginning of this year.The price of light rare earth has risen from 930,000 yuan per ton to 1.1 million yuan per ton since the Holiday, and the cumulative increase since the Spring Festival has reached 18 percent.Industry analysts believe that the rare earth prices hit a new high, and the upstream and downstream supply and demand imbalance related.The post-holiday purchase of rare earth demand and supply tightened.Considering the restraint of domestic indicators, overseas production capacity is close to full capacity, and rare earth supply is expected to remain tight throughout 2022, supporting rare earth prices to remain high.The long term, the upstream material properties of rare earth new energy is gradually strengthened, and the future is expected to name it lithium cobalt demand increase in the history of logic, at the same time, the high concentration of policy control + industry feature makes the supply of rare earths side even more excellent than lithium cobalt, the ability of the future through the cycle or stronger, rare earth has been from the worst of the pattern of product into a pattern of the best resources,The valuation system of rare earth plate is facing reconstruction.1, Yingluohua 000795: the company has independent material production, processing and manufacturing, surface treatment and other complete production lines.The company adheres to the implementation and implementation of ISO9001, ISO14001, and TS16949 management system.At present, it is one of the rare earth permanent magnet manufacturers with more standardized production, more complete varieties, larger production scale and better product performance in the same industry in China.The company’s products are widely used in computers, mobile phones, motors, electric vehicles, magnetic transmission bearings, high-fidelity loudspeakers, NUCLEAR magnetic resonance imagers, air conditioning compressors, elevators, instruments and instruments and aerospace navigation devices, etc., in the magnetic levitation train and other emerging technology has a huge potential application prospects.Technically, around the 5 moving average shock, medium-term trend line gradually closer to form support.2. Zhenghai Magnetic material 300224: As a leading enterprise of high-performance Ndfeb permanent magnet material in China, Zhenghai Magnetic material actively expands production capacity and continues to expand business under the background of industry demand increment. In the future, the company will start the process of high growth and development, and its performance will benefit greatly.The company has built a number of research and development platforms such as national enterprise technology center and national and local joint engineering research center, and has achieved a number of international leading technological achievements.With the price of rare earth rising sharply compared with the same period last year, superposition company’s production capacity continues to expand, market business continues to expand, Zhenghai Magnetic material as a leading enterprise of high-performance Ndfeb permanent magnet material will continue to realize high profits in the future.Technically, volume breakthrough firm support line and trend line, the formation of new long trend signs.Last week, eight consecutive Yang, small Yang gradually advanced.Special statement: the above is not securities professional views and ideas, does not constitute any investment advice, please carefully read, any reference to this article produced any form of investment, profits and losses, the author will not assume any joint liability!