Is it true that fishing circles say “fish bites stone”?Controversial but effective

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When it comes to fishing, many anglers are often disheartened by adding some bait to the bait, and think that all bait are deceives and that using bait is a false angler.In fact, this is a very extreme view, in the outdoor fishing resources are very limited circumstances, appropriate to add some bait bait to enhance the fun of fishing, it is not impossible.Otherwise, who would sit by the river and stare at the float all day long?The craziest food attractant uploaded on the Internet is undoubtedly an additive called “fish bites stone”.The so-called “fish bite the stone”, is put on the stone a little bit of such additives, fish will also go to bite.Does such a “fish bites stone” really exist?In fact, this additive has already been applied to the fish farming industry. In order to increase the bait’s appetite to eat and improve production, the aquaculture industry often adds something called “DMPT” to the feed. DMPT is the core of “fish bites stone”.DMPT, also known as dimethyl -β -propionic acid taiting, is a white crystalline powder, soluble in water, it is the best effect of the fourth generation of fish bait agent found at present, the effect has been widely recognized by the breeding industry.In the fishing world, DMPT is also used to lure fish, which always comes in handy when resources are poor.Sometimes I see some people always catch a lot of fish, but I always “air force”, in fact, it is not these people’s fishing skills, but their bait added DMPT, under normal circumstances, adding small medicine people will not tell you these.Because in their eyes, “explosion protection” depends on their own technology, only in this way to let others cast envious eyes.However, the price of natural DMPT is expensive, the Internet sales of small drugs, food attractant, many do not contain DMPT ingredients, the effect is generally by blowing!Not much use at all.Generally speaking, in winter and early spring, WHEN I go fishing, I like to bring a little bait. When the fish mouth is not good, I spray a little bait into the bait, which can play the effect of bait, so that the fish can open half an hour in advance, or I can put it into the nest material, so as to better retain the fish and increase the catch.Although THERE is no doubt about the effect of DMPT in attracting fish, it is not easy for anglers to choose “real” products. Now many small drugs touted as miraculous on the Internet actually do not contain DMPT, but are only blended with some essence, which can only play a psychological comfort to anglers.If you want to choose a good attractant, you must pay attention to the ingredients in it, whether there is a formal test report, if there is no quality report, the effect will be greatly reduced.The editor chose a food attractant tested by the regular quality inspection company — the lure of the heart, to see if there is an effect.According to the formal inspection department, this food attracter contains natural fish hormones and “DMPT” element, which is the key ingredient of “fish bite stone”. It is very attractive to fish, and the speed of fish is also improved a lot. The effect can be seen in the fastest 20 minutes after hitting the nest.Due to the high cost of DMPT, some small drugs that claim to be “explosive protection” and sell for only a few dollars can be passed by fishermen with their eyes closed.”The heart of the heart” is a real containing “fish bite stone” DMPT bait, after the trial users, have good feedback.After using the fisherman said: “in winter, the effect is more powerful, fast smell of lure fish radiates a wide range, strong penetration, with the effect that is a bar, with a burst of protection once, each time is the most beautiful son of the river……””Used, not bad, can’t say every time ‘explosion protection’, but it really has an effect, before the fishing pit is often empty, after using this small medicine, there is no ‘air force’ phenomenon, READY to buy some other try effect…”According to the feedback from netizens, the amount of fish caught after using the bait containing “DMPT” did increase.In winter, when the catch is generally poor, a little appetizing attractant will do the trick.Of course, for the role of fishing medicine, fishermen have different opinions, some people even hear color change, resistance is very big.Although there is a big controversy, but undeniably it does have a certain effect.The legendary “fish biting stone” is useless, maybe only you try to know.