Fish in the water but not hooked?4 “Tips” Don’t make a mistake

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Fish in the water but not hooked?I believe that many fishermen will encounter various problems in fishing, including the good and bad fish condition.Fish is good, then fish is good fishing, if fish is bad, I believe that many people are “helpless”!In fact, it is easy to encounter the situation of poor fish condition, but some fishing friends can harvest, but there will be fishing friends harvest is very poor.For example, there will be carp bubbles in the bottom, but the fish rarely eat hook, and even sometimes floating movement, but there is no fish on the hook.What should I do if THIS happens?There are several aspects to fishing.One, how to judge whether there are carp under the water?1, carp bubble.To judge whether there are crucian carp under the water, it is necessary to see whether there are crucian carp bubbles, which is also the simplest way.In addition, the size of carp bubble can be seen the size of fish, and the number of carp bubble and has a direct relationship.2, floating state.Whether there are crucian carp under the water, can also be determined by observing the float, if there are crucian carp under the water, then how much float will send out movement.Carp swimming in the bottom of the water will drive the current, or hit the line, this will make floating movement, but the general range is very small.So there are carp under the water, why is the fish bad?In fact, the main reason for not eating the hook appears in 4 aspects.1. The cable group is too large.Some anglers in fishing carp, always thinking of fish and bear paw both, so the collocation of the line group is relatively large, so the use of thick line group must have an impact on the fish situation.2. The hook is too big.In the case of poor fish condition, the hook is large, so the bait group is relatively large, the fish is not good entrance, resulting in poor fish condition.3. Bait has big taste and poor condition.If the bait taste type is large, then recruit small fish is very powerful, resulting in no bait to eat crucian carp.In addition, the condition of the bait is poor, such as fast melting into the water, or the bait is too sticky, which will affect the fish hook.4. Fishing error.The mouth of the fish is clear, but there is too much false mouth.If the line is too dull, the drift should be slow, so a reasonable line is better.So how do you deal with these four problems?1, change the size of the line group generally choose how big the target fish, how big the line group is used, so it is best.Be in like right now midspring stage, so the collocation of line group basically is given priority to with petty, can choose 0.8-1.2 main line collocation 0.4-0.8 sub line.As the saying goes, “You get what you give up,” it’s good to choose the right line according to the target fish.If you use a soft rod and good quality fishing line, the level of walking fish is better, but also can take care of the big fish.2, change the size of the hook according to the target fish to choose the size of the hook.If the fish situation is poor, do not use too large hook, so it is easy to cause the bait group is large, fish eating difficult situation, resulting in the fish is slow.3. Change the taste type and state of bait in spring, you can choose the bait with not too strong taste type. In addition, the state of bait should not be too rigid and should be selected according to the actual situation.Generally, the bait in spring is mainly earthworms, red worms and other live bait, because fish need to supplement a lot of high protein food at this time, of course, they can also use light and original bait.In addition, the nest is also very important, the nest material can choose wine rice + the heart of the lure, you can add a small amount of drawing powder, not a lot of kneading.After multiple searches, it is the only bait on the market that dares to show its ingredients. In order to meet the needs of different customers, different fish species are used in different taste types and a wider range of use.The addition of DMPT, known as “fish bite stone”, can make fish crazy opening, increase the chance of bait, and its penetration can cover the water surface of 20 meters.Just a few days ago in a fishing, can’t wait to use the heart of the lure, with its nest, less than half an hour on the hair nest, fish constantly hooked, almost “explosion protection”, and the side of the angler to see, showing envy.4, change the way of tuning fishing according to the mood to choose the way of tuning fishing, fish can not how to tube, but on the fish is slow according to the mood to choose tuning fishing.Fish situation is poor when appropriate to change the way of fishing, if determine the fish in the bottom, on the pull float appropriate blunt fishing;If carp float, trim lead subcutaneous pull float using fishing half water way fishing.Conclusion: There are many reasons for bad fish condition in fishing, so you can make adjustment from the above aspects according to your fishing way, so as to have a better harvest.