Beijing Winter Olympics: US athletes ransacked hotels, all that was missing were beds

2022-05-03 0 By

With the Closing of the Beijing Winter Olympics, all countries except South Korea have already achieved satisfactory results and are packing their bags to go home after the closing ceremony.But the sight of American athletes packing their bags made the nation laugh.It’s no secret that foreign athletes love Bing Dwen Dwen, and almost every athlete wants to bring a few back home.Recently, a video of an American athlete has gone viral on the Internet.In a video, a female athletes in the United States are packed up ready to go home, because the waiter told them can take away some of the items used in the rooms, so the players took the ice mound mound series three inside the room pillow, a key chain, a mascot, even with ice mound mound of flag is not willing to let go.Joy and excitement were written all over his face.Netizens mocked the athlete for being unworldly and ransacked the room, with some even saying that Chinese men are priceless and they would like to take one with them.I knew the athletes would take the pillows with them, but I didn’t think they would take everything with the logo in the house. If they brought beds on the plane, they would probably take them all away.We robbed for a long time ice dun dun did not grab, she suddenly took the whole series, envy ah.One bag came, two bags back, so I have to suspect that she is to restock, incidentally participate in the Olympic Games.Next time you come to China for the Olympics, bring two more empty suitcases.In fact, the more foreigners get, the happier we should be, which proves that our Olympic Games are very successful, a small flag can let foreigners love it, this is soft power ah!Okay, what else do you have to say about the American athletes taking almost everything in the house?Leave a comment and see you in the comments section.