Another sore loser?Car min Kui lost to Gao Tingyu wipe the podium taunt unfair, Wang Meng domineer

2022-05-03 0 By

Gao Tingyu of China won the men’s 500-meter speed skating race in 34.32 seconds at the Winter Olympics on Feb 12.Four years ago in Pyeongchang, Gao Tingyu made up his mind to change the color of his bronze medal. Four years later, gao, who carried the flag at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, has made good on his promise and changed the color of his medal to gold.Gao also broke the Olympic record set by his old rival, Norway’s Javar Haval, but there were some jarring scenes during the medal ceremony.South Korea won the runner-up Car Min-kyu in the podium before, actually wipe the podium with his hand.This action caused the whole net in an uproar, who all understand that the car min Kui this action is alluding to injustice.But it’s called speed skating, and unlike short track speed skating, there are very few collisions and it’s all about individual ability.It makes no sense to blame others for your failure.Wang Meng also expressed the same point of view when commenting on the competition after the race. Speed skating is to run with one person holding one track. In a popular way, you run your race and I run mine.It’s not even close. What’s it got to do with us? These two are no longer on the same level.And more is the heart of the car min-kui this action is in fact copied others, four years ago in The Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, Canada short track speed skating team because of protests against the unfair referee, had done this action, in that competition, short track speed skating competition, there were as many as 50 fouls.The Canadians admitted that the refereeing was not clean even in those Games.The South Koreans finally admitted that the PyeongChang Winter Olympics were dirty. They even copied the moves of Canadian athletes.In fact, the car min kui this move is also very good to understand, 4 years ago, he won the project runner-up, 4 years later is the runner-up, and the champion or the former defeat, this for the car min kui, the mentality is difficult to control.Patterns are a good thing, but not everyone has one.