A tsinghua university professor said he was bragging after being scolded for “paying too much money to train his son to be a man who cheates and plays with women’s feelings”

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Cao Jingming topic: “Pay a lot of money to raise a son to be a man who cheat and play with women’s feelings”, Tsinghua professor has no bottom line education view, was scolded after said in boasting, we are invited to leave comments and communication, views on Ding Peng!When I was brushing the news, I felt strange “posture” increased again, which had a great impact on the physical and mental development of the author at a young age. It was too exciting!This is about the famous economist, China society of quantitative investment, CCTV special guest, the first finance and economics, the decoding financial senior decoding, tsinghua university, Peking University, renmin university, central university of finance and economics and other domestic top university visiting professor, countless usage backpack, was once referred to as “the most lofty prestige industry experts,” professor Ding Peng melons.What’s more, this time the question is about “education”. How does a man with the title of visiting professor at many of China’s top universities educate his children?But before talking about this problem, the author first to share a their own point of view, the professor does not mean that you can teach their children, here refers to the child’s grades, like tsinghua professor Wang Wenzhan is more than one public ridicule himself a Open University professor, incredibly still teach a 12-year-old child math.However, moral education should be interlinked. No matter how old the children are, as a teacher, they should put moral education first, be a good person first, and then talk about achievements.This time, the news came from professor Ding Peng’s study group. It can be seen that the people who joined the group did not rush to study, but simply watched the excitement and were not afraid of the big things.Professor Ding Peng is rampant in the group, talking about his parenting views, such as saving tens of thousands of yuan in his mobile phone to invite female classmates to dinner, now he has two girlfriends, next year to watch R-rated movies and TV works, high school can sleep with girls, college will give me a baby……In a word, he spent a lot of money to train his son to be a man who cheated and played with women.Then his son was also exposed on the net, the specific appearance, where to go to school and so on, here not broken, after all, is only a junior high school student, it is estimated that his son’s two girlfriends after learning that their future “father-in-law” is such unreliable goods, most also can not for a long time.Speaking from a practical point of view, Professor Ding Peng’s view of education is really difficult to accept.Just as the so-called “the upper beam is not right and the lower beam is crooked”, under the cultivation of professor Ding Peng’s educational view, professor Ding Peng’s son cannot be said to be sure to suffer from disability, but the probability of disability is much higher than that of normal children, at least the author personally holds a pessimistic attitude.Moreover, this is not the first time that Professor Ding Peng has exposed quality problems. In the previous online interaction, Professor Ding peng forwarded a question from a netizen, and the reply he gave was even more shocking, but the heat did not ferment, so the car did not overturn.”Since the daughter and oneself have no blood relation, just cultivate big become a wife!This brother, how can so hard?”The above is the answer given by Professor Ding Peng. The problem is that a netizen named Wang Qiang suddenly found out that his daughter, who had been cultivated for many years, was actually the illegitimate child of his father and my ex-wife, and he and his father had no blood relationship at all. This family is really too chaotic.Professor Ding Peng’s response, is simply to add fuel to the fire, but also really think humor to give a so destroyed three views of speech, this let the hearts of the parties how to think?This is no wonder professor Ding Peng in this speech after the car broke, will be pushed by the wall, after all, can kill the camel, never just a straw, can only be said to do too much evil, was pulled into the list of reckoning.However, the final direction of this matter is probably nothing, after all, Professor Ding Peng is not like the star entertainer in the entertainment circle, completely rely on traffic and popularity to live, holding a skill in hand, want to completely turn over or very difficult, unless it is the financial crisis or investment failure.What’s this called?Food in hand means nothing to worry about.Professor Ding Peng didn’t care at all after learning that the comments in the group were exposed, and directly said “what’s the matter, just spread”, such measurement and pattern, there is no one, really don’t know whether it is shameless, or really don’t care about the face, all focus on money.But, after all, still be scold too malicious, estimates is mostly affected by professor Ding Peng’s public image, and even business activities, it is as if some negative news star artist when I answer the live, is awash with heat and flow rate, good project, can be serious. This is definitely not consider these people, three frogs of leg not seek, is very scarce,But aren’t two-legged investors everywhere?Therefore, Professor Ding Peng began to respond to this matter.Ding Peng professor says is “a few old man in a small group of private chat brag”, also the pot to the media, said that “the media is boring”, but professor Ding Peng himself acknowledged “hi point mouth, rude point”, but also remind the media not to such online, but such a thing, and is it a “brag” can wash white?It would be a problem if they could “whitewash” it!After all, this involves education. At the very least, it is professor Ding Peng’s family’s business. At most, it is to train children to be second ancestors and men who cheat and play with women’s feelings.But if the larger, after all, Professor Ding Peng is standing in the top university three feet of the platform of the teacher, such a quality of a person, how can education students?I believe that the critics of Professor Ding Peng do not want to involve too much in his family affairs, just afraid of such a gentle scum standing on the platform to teach people, such a situation is simply endless trouble, the negative impact is too big.At the end of the article, the author also sincerely wish can less after vomit a fragrant demonology, based on the labor of duty, more promote the social positive energy, cultivate learning, moral character and good students, contribute to the development of the country a belongs to own strength, rather than all the money his exquisite egoist.1) Professor Chen Ping, who is famous for her beauty, is proud of her daughter, who is married to a foreigner. 2) A 38-year-old woman with a master degree claims to be the “goddess of chastity”.Prof: Good intention 3) Too low oil price will cause traffic jam pollution!Professor Huang Youguang proposed “ten times”, do you agree with 4) “ordinary people’s wages are too high, 1/10 of Europe and America will do” Professor Li Jiange: attract foreign investors 5) afforestation is destroying nature?Fudan professor: To learn from European and American methods, to be more scientific!# expert ## Professor #