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The Beijing Winter Olympics is not only a great event for China to face the world, but also a great gift for all ordinary Chinese.On the evening of February 4th, the opening ceremony of the 24th Winter Olympic Games will be held in the National Stadium.This “home” grand event, eagerly anticipated by the Chinese people, has become the largest Winter Olympic Games in the history of Chinese sports delegation.It is understood that athletes from more than one hundred countries and regions will participate in the competition.This is an important moment in The Olympic history of China and a milestone in the development of ice and snow sports in the world.From “One World, One Dream” in 2008 to “Together for the Future” in 2022, China has hosted two Olympic Games in a row in 14 years, making Beijing the only “Double Olympic City”. This is a great achievement.It took six and a half years for the Winter Olympics to be held.This is a grand event formed by time and sweat. The passion of ice and snow belongs to the athletes on the field, while the glory of the Winter Olympics belongs to every ordinary Chinese.From the time of the bid, China stated that one of the goals of the games was to “bring 300 million people to the ice and snow”.Through this Winter Olympics, ice and snow sports quickly in the public popularity, popular.The “shepherd” in Yanqing, Beijing has turned into a ski captain, the huangpu River business district in Shanghai has built an indoor ice rink, altay, Xinjiang, tourists travel on “fur skis”, liupanshui ski resort in Guizhou is bustling with people…Today, the vision of “bringing 300 million people onto ice and snow” has been realized.During the Spring Festival holiday, skating and skiing become a popular holiday choice for many people.Ice and snow sports are becoming a way of life and entertainment for ordinary Chinese people, which is exactly the bonus brought to the public by the Winter Olympics.● Dance with youth to the future.The torch relay for the Winter Olympics, which started on February 2, is also full of ordinary people’s footprints.These torchbearers include anti-epidemic doctors, environmental activists, rural workers and postal workers at the grassroots level. Most of them are “ordinary people” with roots in the front lines of production and work and have made outstanding contributions.The participation of ordinary workers in the Olympic torch relay fully shows that the Beijing Winter Olympic Games is open to the public and the grassroots. It is not just a feast for athletes, nor limited to celebrities. Everyone has the opportunity to participate in and share this Olympic event.In addition, although the athletes are the main actors on the field, there are a large number of workers and volunteers working quietly to ensure the smooth operation of the Winter Olympics.The volunteers include teachers and students from universities in the capital, employees from enterprises and public institutions, as well as ordinary warm-hearted citizens. They make concerted efforts to relieve the worries of athletes in competition and life.”Together for the future” means we are a community, all of us “together for the future”.The participation of ordinary people did not add luster to the Games, rather, a successful Winter Olympics could not have been achieved without the enthusiasm of the whole people.It is already clear in the “Principles of Olympism” clause of the Olympic Charter that “everyone shall have the possibility to practise sport without discrimination of any kind and in the expression of the Olympic spirit of mutual understanding, friendship, solidarity and fair play”.This emphasizes the equality and fairness of the Olympics, and the Olympics in which everyone can participate is the real Olympics.▲ Beijing Winter Olympics opening Ceremony rehearsal performance.For every ordinary person, participating in the Winter Olympics is to feel the passion, courage, fairness, honor, fun, vitality and other beautiful human values and qualities.The Olympics is the common heritage of all mankind and a strong call to individual personality. Only by fully integrating into it can we fully appreciate its charm and improve ourselves.At a time when the epidemic is still not over, active participation in the Winter Olympics is also an important opportunity to strengthen people-to-people relations and communication and coordination.Guided by a common aspiration and expectation, the whole society will further enhance love, understanding, friendship and solidarity to help us overcome the epidemic and overcome the difficulties together.The Olympics has become a booster of social progress, which itself is the Olympic classic meaning.The world is looking to China, and China is ready.The countdown to the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics has begun, and the moment all Chinese people have been waiting for is almost here.It is a great event for China to face the world and a great gift for all ordinary Chinese.Edit | | Martin charron proofreading Xu Li Yang