Ordinary world: Li Qian uses legs to trade for pity type marriage, really worth it?

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Guide language: remember when top junior high school, contact for the first time “ordinary world” this book, at that time really love dearly the affection misfortune of tian Runye in the book.But later grew up to review this work, xiaobian is more distressed Li Qian.Although the original work of the final Lu Yao gave Tian Runye and Li Qianqian a big happy ending, so Li Qianqian with double legs as the price of the mercy type of marriage, really worth it?The tian Runye in the book is a very delicate emotional girl, she loves Sun Shaoan, but unfortunately they are not the door door wrong, she is unable to break through this layer of obstacles, and in this relationship, has been relying on her own efforts, and what results?She is ready for all the fighting here, but Sun Shaoan there long gone to date, soon brought back a strong simple shanxi girl, after Sun Shaoan got married, Tian Runye’s love is completely disillusioned.For the right of those who love and can not, once became a Tian Run leaf cannot extricate oneself of pain, it happened at this time, xiang-qian li to pursue her end, let she didn’t even remember she just quietly lost youth and love cannot, Tian Run leaf of xiang-qian li this is no good, and because of the reason of xiang-qian li, disturb the rights of her sadness alone,Tian Runye has no good impression on this man.In the heart of runye, Li Qianqian is a rough and superficial, not handsome, but also eat themselves fat fat, not to move young people……Such a rough man, how with embellish leaf in the heart of the male god less Ann brother compared?But the fate of the gear is not going to let run leaf, her heart is so hate Li Qianqian, but because of various factors at home, Tian Run leaf had to promise to marry the man.Before xiaobian sympathize with Embellish leaf, feel she is forced helpless, but then Epiphany, in fact embellish leaf promised to marry forward at that moment, she was wrong!Clearly in the heart is so unwilling to accept, do not want to compromise, why or against the heart to agree to this marriage?Since you have agreed to marry, why not try to get to know each other and give Li Xiangqian, as well as yourself, a chance?In the original Li Qianqian has not known why embellish leaf to treat him so coldly, also do not know embellish leaf heart has been living a person called Sun Shaoan, if know, probably to Li Qianqian so love embellish leaf heart, force embellish leaf marriage this kind of thing, he certainly can’t do it.Embellish leaf does not love Li Qianqian, this itself is not wrong, but clearly do not love, his heart is full of Sun Shaoan, why do not explicitly reject Li Qianqian?Embellish leaf to Li Qianqian do not refuse, in Li Qianqian is the default, embellish leaf to Li Qianqian cold, in Li Qianqian is reserved, but more aroused his desire to conquer, so he will double to embellish leaf good.Even after marriage, embellish leaf not with his bedroom, with his separate bed, Li Qianqian has silently endured, he can not get close to Tian Run leaf, put all the love of embellish leaf to embellish leaf family, so even embellish leaf brother Embellish can not understand sister embellish leaf, he said to his sister:”There are not many people like my brother-in-law in the world. He is hard-working, honest and kind to others. He is dutiful to our old people and treats me like a brother!What do you want from him?Why do you despise them when you have never lived with them?We are some great people!Besides, if you go on like this, you will not only suffer from others, but also yourself…”Yes!Embellish leaf oneself buried in the heart of the feeling hurt, why should be transferred to the forward body?She is crazy love Sun Shaoan, as Li Xiangqian crazy love she is the same, but the feeling is like this, because do not love, so Li Xiangqian to embellish leaves all pay are cheap, embellish leaves are invisible.Until Li Xiangqian because too painful, a drunk driving accident, directly led to double amputation.According to Li Xiangqian’s idea, he would rather die in this accident, it is better to live than death alive.Li Qianqian lost his legs now, originally thought he with embellish leaf nominal marriage came to an end, he lost to continue to love embellish leaf qualifications, do not want to drag embellish leaf, so want to put embellish leaf leave, give her freedom!This thought that the story between them to draw an end here, but did not expect is that Li Qianqian lost his legs, but accidentally got the conscience of the embellish leaf, embellish leaf care and tender feedback.Li Qian also refused at the beginning, but under the embellish leaf’s repeated insistence and gentle offensive, Li Qian gradually accepted and indulged in this happiness.This ending surface seems to be happy and successful, embellish leaf accepted forward, soon after they have a lovely child, but happy for them at the same time, and feel some regret, embellish leaf really love Li forward?No!She just pity, just pity Li qian, just conscience, just accept fate!Li forward with legs in exchange for this pity type of marriage, is it really worth it?Perhaps his heart is happy, but there is also regret, Li Qian’s deep feeling never touched embellish leaf, but his tragic experience, let embellish leaf produced guilt and compassion, such a marriage is happy, but also regret, is not it?Embellish leaf love Sun Shaoan very bitter, Li Qianqian love Tian Runye more bitter, I hope Li Qianqian don’t meet Tian Runye in the next life, how do you see Li Qianqian this character?