“My money is your money as long as I don’t get divorced.”

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The title of the book is “cannon fodder man dressed as a villain. Wife” novel author: Turnip flower rabbit end of the text ~ there is something else ~ Until her belly bulged up, Lin Qiong just remembered that he was wearing a sheng Zi wen.The man looked at his masterpiece with satisfaction, carefully pacified, “As long as there is no divorce, my money is your money.”Lin Qiong wears a villain around constantly making.Demon cannon ashes male. Wife, in order to be able to divorce with the villain when the whole body and retreat, put on a love brain person to set in the side of the villain pay hang yun to inquire about the situation, originally plan the other side disease good divorce, who knows this one foot into the tomb of marriage did not come out.In the end, both of them are born again. They accompany each other and depend on each other. They believe that there will be a light in this world for you, just for you, just for you.It was four o ‘clock in the afternoon after the shooting. Lin Qiong looked at the time and could go back now.But then the photography team said they would treat and go out for a party.Lin Qiong politely declined, “No, I still have something to do.””What’s the matter?”Lin Qiong: “Things at home.”The staff member is like like dig what material is same, “is somebody in the home?”Lin Qiong nodded.Staff elated way: “what person?”Lin Qiong: “Empty nesters.”– END