Last act!In men’s moguls freestyle skiing, Valberg of Sweden won the gold medal

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Sweden’s Valberg scored 83.23 points in the final of men’s moguls freestyle skiing at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics on Sunday night, beating defending champion Kingsbury of Canada.Canada’s Kingsbury took the silver and Japan’s Yumaku Horijima took the bronze.Zhao Yang of China scored 64.95 points in the second qualifying round of men’s moguls freestyle skiing at the Beijing Winter Olympics, failing to break into the top 10.The reigning gold medallist in this event is Canada’s Kingsbury, born in 1992. Kingsbury is a strong moguls freestyle skier who has competed in two Winter Olympics.He failed to win in Sochi in 2014, but four years ago in Pyeongchang, Kingsbury won his first Olympic gold medal with an impeccable performance.In the first round, the top 12 will advance to the second round.First up was Thade of Switzerland, who crossed the line in 24.48 seconds and scored 74.71 points.The second player is only 17 years old Russian delegation Andreyev, 24.18 seconds across the line to get 76.59 points;The third French sasha crossed the line in 24.85 seconds and scored 76.59 points.The fourth Kazakh athlete crossed the line in 25 seconds and scored 76.90 points.Japan’s Yumaku Horijima took the lead with 77.91 points in 25.2 seconds, followed by Australia’s Tomasz Topalovic with 77.58 points in 24.19 seconds.The eighth appearance of the United States of Page got 76.80 points, then Australia’s Summers got 76.15 points, the tenth player is Sweden’s Felix, 25.36 seconds to cross the line only got 74.97 points;Valczyk of the United States crossed the line in 25.13 seconds, followed by Pentala of Finland who made a mistake and scored 74.68 points.The next Japanese player, Satoshi Hara of Japan, crossed the line in 24.27 seconds and scored 78.59 points to advance directly to the next round.Next up was Sweden’s Fejelstrom, who crossed the line in 24.85 seconds and scored 75.37 points.Then came 27-year-old Yuke Sugimoto of Japan, who scored 79.01 to advance to the next round.McDonald of the United States only scored 25.78 points, and Salonen of Finland also made a mistake and was eliminated.Later, The French cavey scored 77.8 points, and the second-last appearance of Sweden’s Valberg scored 78.05 points to advance to the next round, the last appearance is Canada’s Kingsbury 25.30 seconds across the line 81.78 points ranked first.The top 12 have been selected to advance to the second round.The second round was 6 out of 12.The first appearance is Australia’s Somers 24.47 seconds crossed the line to get 75 points, the second is France’s Sasha 24.70 seconds crossed the line to get 73.40, then the Russian Olympic delegation Andrei Yev error was eliminated directly;The third Australian Topalovic got 77.22 in 25.02 seconds.France’s Kavi scored 78.82 points, followed by Japan’s Yumaku Horijima with 79.58.Sweden’s Valberg scored 80.33, followed by Japan’s Yukiuke Sugimoto with 76.82 and 75.73. Kingsbury finished second with 79.59 to confirm his place in the final round.The third round of gold medal contenders are: Valberg of Sweden, Kingsbury of Canada, Yumaki Horijima of Japan, Kavi of France, Topalovic of Australia, And Page of the United States.In the final round of gold medal competition, the first contestant was only 19 years old From the United States, Page, the first countertop 720, the second countertop 1440, finally 78.90 points.The second Australian Topalovic also finished well, 25.01 seconds to get 78.88 points across the line;The third French rider, Carver, also flew 1440 degrees in the air with 79.44, ahead of the two competitors.The fourth Japanese runner, Yumaku Horijima, scored 81.48 points in 23.86 seconds.Kingsbury of Canada crossed the line in 25.02 seconds and scored 82.18 points to take the first place.The last man to cross the line was Sweden’s Valberg, who scored 83.23 points to win the gold medal.