Guangzong County held the first primary and secondary school principals challenge competition

2022-05-02 0 By

This network news (correspondent Zhang Qingxu) February 17, guangzong county’s first primary and secondary school principals challenge competition in the county’s third primary school conference room began.Government deputy county magistrate Liu Lichao attended the event and spoke.County education bureau team members, cadres and the county primary and secondary school business vice principal attended the activity.Twenty-six principals of primary and secondary schools in the county participated in the competition as contestants.Liu Lichao in the speech to the county primary and secondary school principals put forward three hopes: first, to firmly establish education quality consciousness, in-depth thinking about how teachers teach, students how to learn, through the implementation of the “5 management” and “double reduction” work, the formation of “everyone wants to quality, all grasp quality” good atmosphere.Second, we should actively explore new ideas and models of education management under the new situation, establish a set of coordinated operation, flexible, high-quality and efficient management system, and improve the level of school management.Third, we should strengthen the reform of the evaluation system, abandon the ranking of examination scores and evaluation of enrollment rate, give full play to the role of guidance, appraisal, diagnosis, regulation and improvement, so that the baton of education evaluation can promote the quality of education and stimulate the overall improvement of teaching effectiveness.In the competition, all the principals discussed and showed their work on school management, moral education, the implementation of “double reduction” and education and teaching.Their brilliant speeches combining theory with practice, with advanced ideas, distinctive features and clear goals, highlighted new ideas, new insights and new perspectives, and described the magnificent status quo of guangzong education reform and development to the participants, which won waves of applause from the audience.After fierce competition, county no. 4 primary school principal Feng Qiang Song won the first guangzong County principal challenge competition.Finally, county education committee secretary, county Education Bureau party secretary, director Wei Dongtao with three “good” comments on the competition: one is to attach great importance to, good mental state;Second, it is well prepared and good speech content;Third, the atmosphere is strong and the overall effect is good.He pointed out that in order to fully implement the party’s education policy, promote the implementation of education evaluation reform, improve the system and mechanism of moral education, optimize the construction of the principal team, the county education bureau held the challenge competition.The competition fully demonstrated the work of the county’s primary and secondary school principals and improve the quality of education and confidence and determination.We believe that with confidence and determination, the future of Guangzong education will be more hopeful!We hope that we can concentrate our minds and do a good job of education that the people are satisfied with, strive for the comprehensive construction of a strong economic county, a beautiful guangzong in the new era, and create a brilliant guangxin religious education!