A good young man in the New Era | Huang Zhengning: Start from small things and approach the ideal step by step

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Awarded “Four Good Youth” of the school for ten times;In 2019, won the second prize of Group 2 of Primary schools specializing in Dance and Group 2 of primary schools specializing in Calligraphy in Meishan Competition Area in the 15th Sichuan Provincial Excellent Art Talent Competition for Primary and Secondary School Students;In 2020, won the Two-star Red Scarf medal of Dongpo District, and was rated as the Outstanding Young Pioneer of Meishan City;In 2021, won the first prize of the 28th “Wenxuan Cup” Meishan Youth Patriotism Education Speech Contest…These are some of the honors huang Zhengning has won in recent years.Huang Zhengning, 13 years old, is studying in Class eight, grade seven, Suci Middle School, Dongpo District.At a young age, he already has a clear goal in life — “I hope to grow into a well-developed young man of the new era through my unremitting efforts, and make contributions to the country and win glory for the motherland in the future.””He is an excellent student with all-round development. In addition to good academic performance, he has won many awards for hosting, painting and music.”In primary school, Huang zhengning served as the deputy leader of the school’s Young Pioneers. Wang Ling, the instructor of the brigade, was deeply impressed by him — he was lively and cheerful, sunny and handsome, with a wide range of interests and versatile.Since his childhood, Huang zhengning’s parents have never deliberately required him to learn anything or how to learn, except setting up the correct three views and spending more time with him.They always respect their children’s wishes, do their best to support huang Zhengning’s interest in doing things, and discuss things with him.This has also helped Huang develop an independent and methodical personality.After going to school, Huang Zhengning is always strict with himself, carefully preview before class, actively raise his hand to speak in class, take notes in time and summarize the knowledge in class.His academic performance is always among the best in the class and he is awarded as the learning model every year.At the same time, he is the teacher’s right-hand man, students excellent example: as a class cadre, conscientiously perform their duties, the class work organized in perfect order;In the young Pioneers activities, do the leader and organizer, participate in all kinds of activities to do the best.When he was in fifth grade, Huang and his classmates set up a “love house” so that they could donate their spare books, clothes and pocket money to help more people in need.At that time, the items they collected were not only donated to the class and school, but also mailed to a primary school in Ganzi Prefecture.Through the preparation of “Love Cabin”, Huang Zhengning deeply realized that although individual power is small, but with everyone’s active participation and support, can play a greater role.”In the process of helping others, I also gain happiness and a sense of accomplishment.”Huang Zhengning said.After entering junior high school, the study pressure gradually increased, but Huang zhengning’s strict demands on his habits have not changed.He arranges his work and rest time reasonably, in addition to comprehending the textbook knowledge seriously, he also actively participates in organizing various school activities, and continues to cultivate various interests and hobbies.In recent years, although he has won many honors, Huang zhengning has always treated him with a normal heart.For the future, he has a very clear understanding, “in order to achieve the ideal and goal, better overall improve the comprehensive quality, we must start from a small thing.Source: Ma Shiyu, all-media reporter of Meishan Daily