This year is the year of the birth, the original universities are also “tiger” : Nanjing University, Beijing Normal University and so on

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“Firecrackers in New Year’s Eve, spring breeze into tu Su”, the year of the Tiger.Little do they know, 12 times the age of friends, also ushered in their own year.I am here, to say a happy New Year to you, I wish all friends a happy New Year!As we all know, every university has its anniversary.Therefore, in a certain sense, colleges and universities also have their own “benmingnian”.Among mainland universities, which are “tiger” universities?Quite a few. For example, among the 42 top universities, five are “tiger”.When it comes to the universities in Jiangsu province, one word can be used to describe them: strong schools like clouds.There are 15 double-first-class key universities in Jiangsu, among which 6 can be traced back to Sanjiang Normal School, which was founded in 1902.Sanjiang Normal School, founded by Liu Kunyi and Zhang Zhidong, has a history of 120 years.It is no exaggeration to say that the reason why jiangsu universities are so strong is due to sanjiang Normal School.In addition, Nanjing Normal University, Nanjing Agricultural University, Nanjing Forestry University, Jiangnan University, Nanjing University of Technology and Jiangsu University can also trace their origins to Sanjiang Normal University.In addition to the eight colleges and universities mentioned above, Yangzhou University was founded in 1902 with its predecessor Tongzhou Normal School and Tonghainong Academy.In this way, at least nine universities in Jiangsu province belong to the year of the tiger and have ushered in their year of the tiger.The fate of Henan colleges and universities is similar to that of Jiangsu. Of the few provincial key colleges and universities in Henan today, five can be traced back to the same university: Henan University, the predecessor of the former Henan University, which was founded in 1902.During the period of college adjustment, the former Henan University went through a considerable split. For example, the medical discipline was split off and merged to form the present Zhengzhou University.The discipline of agriculture developed into henan Agricultural University;The School of Administration developed into Henan University of Economics and Law;The science discipline became henan Normal University and so on.Including Henan University, these five universities in Henan will usher in their own birth year.In addition, there are wuhan University, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, Hunan University, Huazhong Agricultural University, Jiangxi Agricultural University and so on.In addition to those in Jiangsu and Henan provinces, there are also many colleges and universities celebrating the Year of the Tiger, including:Founded in 1902, the Normal School of Beijing Normal University (Beijing Normal University, Northwest Normal University), Shanxi University (Shanxi University, Taiyuan University of Technology), Guizhou University (Guizhou University), Shuntianfu School (Hebei Normal University);National Normal University (Hunan Normal University), National Northwest Institute of Technology (Northwestern Polytechnical University), etc.Today’s topic ignored do not know, the original “tiger” colleges and universities are really many.Due to the limited time and energy, there will inevitably be omissions and errors in the statistics of school construction time, dear friends, please forgive me.Finally, I wish the above universities a happy year and a prosperous Year of the Tiger!Do you know any other universities that belong to the tiger family?For more exciting content, follow Sesame Kan education